I was home alone for the majority of the day. I knew that Darik would be home soon but I wasn’t sure when. A girlfriend had told me about prostate milking so I decided to do some research. I pulled up some porn and started to try and figure out how I could make this new skill mind blowing for him.

I was watching the porn, with the volume up high when he walked through the door. I blushed a dark red, as he gave me a funny look. He asked what I was watching. I began to explain what I was looking into and what I wanted to do. He stood very quiet listening to every word. As soon as I was done, he got undressed, grabbed the lube and asked for me to try it on him. He sat down on the couch, moved his ass all the way to the edge and spread his legs. I was shocked!

I grabbed the lube and put some on my pointer and middle finger. I reached down and became to rub his asshole. I even started to tug on his cock so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. As I pushed my finger inside of him I felt him tense up. I jerked him harder so that he would relax and enjoy.

Once I got my finger all the way in, I found his prostate and started to rub it. Darik almost immediately relaxed and his cock got so fucking hard! I pressed harder and moved my finger faster. I didn’t have my finger in there more than 2 minutes before he sprayed his cum all over the couch and me. I was so surprised! We fucked later that night because I was fucking horny from our massage earlier!




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