Master Fucks Me and Makes Me Squirt for the First Time

With as many partners as I’ve had sexually. I’ve never actually been with a man that was great in bed, just a few men that were mediocre. I told Master that I almost never cum during sex and that it’s very difficult for me to be able to cum. Well, I guess Master took that as a personal challenge because I’ve not cum so hard nor so many times in my life!

I went over to his house late Sunday night, wearing nothing but a very short strapless dress. I knew that it would drive him crazy, and I love knowing how badly he wants me. As soon as I knocked on the door, he pulled me inside, pressing me against the door and fucking my mouth with his tongue, just a precursor to all the other ways he would fuck me that night. He slid his hand through my hair, biting my lip, then pushing my shoulder down. I got the signal and slid to my knees, grinning widely and I slid his shorts down, his nice thick, hard cock springing free.

God I love the way his cock looks.

I smiled up at him and I started licking up and down the head, working my tongue over the shaft, getting his cock nice and wet with my tongue before taking just the head of his cock into my mouth. I gently started sucking the head, swirling my tongue over the head and teasing him. Then I watched his eyes grow dark as he watched his cock slip slowly in and out of my warm wet mouth. I moaned around his cock as I could feel my thighs getting damp. He hadn’t even touched me and I could feel my juices soaking my thighs.

Giving Master Head

Master grabbed my hand and pulled me up, sliding my dress down my body. I blushed. I loved being naked in front of Master, even though it made me feel shy. He kissed me again, deeply, his tongue dancing with mine, and I sucked his bottom lip. I slid my hand down to his hard cock and felt it throb as I sucked his lower lip and nibbled it gently. He sat on the couch and pulled me onto his lip, making me straddle his hips. I love feeling that close to him, but I don’t tell him that. He slid his hand through the hair at the back of my neck and pulled, revealing my throat, kissing and biting my neck, making me moan and shiver. He grabbed my hips and slid me down slowly onto his hard cock.

This is what I loved. Feeling Master stretching and filling my tight twat.

He slid in so easy, I was so fucking wet. I always want Master and he know’s it. He calls me his little slut, and it makes my panties wet even through a simple text message. I started riding Master, sliding up and down on him wantonly, hard, fast, until my thighs burned, and once I ran out of energy, Master smiled at me in the wicked way that sent shivers down my spine. He grabbed my hips, grasping me hard, and started pounding up into me hard. I threw my head back and moaned. The way Master fucked me drove me wild. He grinned as he felt me clench hard around him and cum, my nails gripping his shoulders.

To Be Continued….

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