Master Continues to Have His Way…

I came hard as Master fucked up into me from his seat on the couch. God, I couldn’t believe how hard he made me cum. But he didn’t stop, he didn’t slow down, he just kept pumping in and out of me, his hands grasping my hips hard. He never took his big brown eyes off of me, but I could only look at him a little at a time; his eyes boring into me made my pulse race. I still don’t know why that is. He made me cum once more before lifting me off his lap and tell me to go to his room. I did. He came in and crawled onto the bed after me, kneeling over me and kissing my neck, biting me and making me whimper under him.

“Admit it little sub…admit that you want to surrender to me like the little cock whore you are,” he said heavily in my ear. I shook my head no, my face flushing bright red. He’d been asking me for days to surrender completely to him, but I simply couldn’t. The trust that it required just couldn’t come out of me, and so I denied it every time. But this time Master was having no part of it. He growled in my ear, sending shivers down my spine as he reached between my legs and slipped his fingers inside me. I was still soaking wet, and he slid his fingers out, moving them to my now over-sensitive clit.

“Ok then, little sub, here’s how this is going to go, you’re going to submit to me, entirely and completely. OR I’m going to tease you. I’m going to bring you right to the edge of orgasm and let you hover there without release over and over. So, I’m going to say it again. Want you to admit that I’m your Dom, that you want to submit entirely and completely to me, and that you’re a little whore for my cock,” Master said, rubbing his fingers teasingly over my clit.

Master kissing my neck

I tried, I honestly tried, to tell him what he wanted to hear, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t seem to get the words out of my mouth. Just couldn’t make myself, as much as I wanted to.

“Well, if that’s how you’re going to be…” Master said as he teased my clit mercilessly. I moaned and begged as he pushed me to the edge of orgasm over and over. Always pulling me back before I could fall over it. He got up and walked to the living room suddenly, settling back into his spot on the couch, pulling up his favorite music app on his PlayStation 4, and playing some really amazing vocalist music, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what he was playing. We sat on the couch, fully dressed, and just talked, which drove me wilder as he looked me in the eyes and parts of my soul poured out.

Out of nowhere he grabbed a handful of hair at the back of my head and pulled my head back. Kissing my neck hard, kissing up to my ear, and gently pulling my earlobe with his lips. Immediately got wet again as he touched my ear.

“I can hear your breathing little sub. I know how wet you are. How badly you want me. All you have to do is tell me what I want to hear and I’ll make you cum on my hard thick cock over and over again until you can’t even walk.” He whispered to me in a deep, thick voice that made my pussy twitch. Then I shook my head no.

“No…I can’t sir…please.”

He pulled my hair back, hard, and bit my neck, “Tell me, now,” he growled. The words fell out of my mouth before my brain could stop them and before I had a chance to breathe after saying the things Master wanted to hear. He wrapped my legs around his waist and slid into me. His cock touching the deepest most sensitive parts of my tight little pussy. Picking me up and carrying me back to his bed….

To Be Continued…

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