Master Making Me Squirt 4 First Time #3

Master started pumping his cock in and out of me, fast and hard, then slow and steady. He was always changing the rhythm, but always moving, pushing me closer and closer every second until finally, I felt all of the muscles in my body tighten and start to convulse as I started cumming.

I thought that my orgasm was amazing. I thought he’d slow down for me to catch my breath, but instead, he slipped his cock out of me and quickly slid 2 fingers inside my tight pussy. He started jack hammering me with his fingers until I screamed and thrashed all over Master’s bed. He slowed down as I nearly passed out from my intense orgasm, and he slid his fingers out of me. Master was flicking his hand over my tummy and I felt drops of wetness land on me. He grinned “You squirted hard, little slut,” he said. He was gently running his big warm hands over my over-sensitive pussy, teasing me as I tried to catch my breath. I blushed furiously.

Master fucks slut
“Oh,” I said. I’d never squirted before, and it was probably the best orgasm I’d ever had. I lay there limp as Master came to the head of the bed, slipping his hard cock into my mouth. I could taste his precum and my cum on his cock. Then I slid my tongue around, getting his cock nice and wet with my saliva before Master started fucking my face, slow at first, but then hard, faster, and deeper. Within a moment Master was throat fucking me hard, making me gag with each thrust as I gasped for breath. Tears were rolling down my face, probably messing up my makeup, but I was too concerned about how nice Master’s cock felt in my mouth.

He kept whispering naughty things to me as his thrusts became chaotic until he came deep in my throat. I couldn’t even taste any of his delicious cum because it all shot down my throat. I settled for licking any excess off the head of his cock. Master moaned as he started going limp.

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