Making Love with you

I love you desperately, violently, tenderly, completely, irrevocably. Making Love… I want you in ways that I know you would find shocking. In the past, I’ve done things you wouldn’t approve of, and I’ve done them ten times over. I have led a life of immoderate sin. As it turns out, I’m just as immoderate in love. Worse, in fact.

I want to kiss every soft place of you,

make you flush and faint, pleasure you until your body weeps, and dry every drop with my lips. If you only knew how I crave the taste of you. I want to take you in my hands and mouth and feast on you. You know I want to drink the nectar from you…

…I can’t stop thinking about it. Your arms around me. Your mouth, open for my kisses. I need too much of you. A lifetime of nights spent making love with you between my thighs wouldn’t be enough.

I want to talk with you forever.

I remember every word you’ve ever said to me. If only, I could visit you as a foreigner goes into a new country, learn the language of you, wander past all borders into every private and secret place, I would stay forever. I would become a citizen of you.

You would say it’s not good to feel this way.

You would ask how I could be so certain. But some things can’t be measured by time. Ask me an hour from now. Ask me a month from now. A year, ten years, a lifetime. The way I love you will outlast every calendar, clock, and every toll of every bell that will ever be cast.

I will love you beyond time.

You would say you are unworthy, undeserving such devoutness. I would remind you that I see you as you are. The entire man, not just the single side you present to the world. I know all of your being. I know you to be the best of all men. You were gifted with my devotion from the divine. The chemistry of our bodies is but a flickering candle to the blaze of my love.

I am the servant sent to saite your being in every way. The balm to soothe your tired soul. The challenge to your mind. I am the blaze of passion for your life. The comfort for your body.  I am waiting beloved… come to me… Claim me… my soul bare to you… you ravished my being.

I exist in eternal arousal.

You created this raging need that nothing satiates. A feeling that’s deliciously raw and ready. Just because thoughts of You fill me up, sends liquid warmth seeping flowing between my thighs.  I cannot stop envisioning You naked hard, throbbing ready to be buried between my hungry lips.

The gift of Your pleasure in my pleasure,

my submissive surrender my need to taste. I aching to feel, swallow hard, mouthwatering, throat tightening whimpering in my hungry for You. Needing to pleasure You so badly. I close my eyes. Thoughts of You fill me causing the passion to flare painting me in chill bumps. I feel so empty.

You claimed me, making me forever yours.

I will always be accessible to You, I am ready, please hurry, I will follow your instructions. Completely I trust you, I feel safe with you, and yearn to please You. I am forever yours waiting with sweet torturous anticipation accept my gift & ease the burning in my blood. Your Beloved Kitten needs you.

My love comes to me so playful, jumping on me like a kitten in the night.

I hear her purring as she brushes her body against mine, making sure to touch my rod with one of her breasts as she moves her body up and sits on my face. There in front of me, I lift my head up and place tender kisses on her panties, feeling the wetness that has already begun to form there. I push my tongue in hard on the fabric and I can hear her sigh as it touches her button from within. I know what she’s looking for and I am more than happy to give it to her.

She slides her body back down on me

and offers me access to her lovely breasts and I slide my tongue on the underside of each one, licking the tender skin there as I gradually move up to each nipple, taking a playful bite on each one and then sucking each of them into my mouth. I can hear here her groan as I know she loves when I do this to her here.

Her breath quickens as I reach down to remove her panties and I feel her body moving quickly to assist my hands into the best sex positions, as she needs to feel me inside her now. Grabbing each cheek of her ass, I lift her up as she guides me into her and she slides down on me, taking me inside with a moan of delight.

She begins to rock back and forth

as she moves up and down on me, making sure to hover those breasts above my mouth, signaling me to kiss and lick them as she rides me good with her majestic body full of lust and desire. Her body quickens in anticipation of her climax as I grab and squeeze each cheek of her bottom, sending her into a wave of orgasm that I know she has been waiting all day for. Pumping myself into her from below, she causes my own release as her body grips me tightly and we climax together with sounds of primal grunts and moans, feeling each other’s hearts once again in this nighttime interlude of love and desire.

Her body falls down onto mine

and I hear her release that sigh that lets me know she has received what she needs and I smile to myself as I take hold of her tightly, loving the feeling of her glistening skin touching mine. We fall asleep together like this and in our little piece of the world here all is good because it’s our love we share together and that makes it a wonderful place to be…

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