Detailed sex stories with Dawn are true stories

Who is the best at phone sex? Why? My Lord of Lust is why the best detailed sex stories  phone sex is with me. When he decides to punish me sometimes I am not a good girl and I rebel. But then when a kitten goes into heat she has intense sexual needs. One day recently He punished me by staying at his home. But I Needed Making love with him…

So I went to his place all I could think is. I want you so bad. I am swollen dripping wet for you already.

That is when I come into your room in the middle of the night to see you lying asleep. Half on your side with your arms raised your naked body vulnerable and open for my pleasure.

I quickly take off my clothes. It’s been so long that I am on fire. My eyes trace all over your body, not necessarily what most would call magnificent, but my innermost being shudders. Your fingers can work such wonders on my skin, touching all of my strings. Causing me to vibrate to the passionate music you play on my body. You are the Maestro of my body.  I sigh as I anticipate how you will take over me. But I want to ravish you for once.

I softly trace your abdomen with my fingers as you lay there, feeling your heat radiate within you.

 Your scent drives me crazy. ~ detailed sex stories

I follow your pleasure path. You are somewhat hairy, and I love it. Now I am breathing a little heavier in anticipation. I adore your belly button. But I am becoming more impatient for your cock and caress the pubic area below. I want you so bad, but I will build my anticipation just a little longer.

You have the perfect cute ass, much more attractive than any woman’s ass I’ve seen. I squeeze it and knead your ass. You stir in your sleep and I stop moving my fingers toward your member. Gods I am throbbing in anticipation. As you settle into deeper sleep I caress your balls lightly. Massaging them, working my fingers softly so as to arouse but not disturb you. “Mmm” you are so yummy and getting hard fast, I cannot wait to eat you. Precum oozes from your cock. It then throbs impatiently for my hand.

I lay beside you and move your hand to my pussy. Letting you feel my wetness. How my pussy is longing, begging for you. I watch your face, your eyes closed, your brow wrinkled. Your face is beautiful to me. I kiss your face all over lightly while rubbing my body against you and keeping my hand on your cock. As I nibble your ears and move down to your neck. I want to eat you alive, your neck and shoulders are one of my favorite spots, so exquisitely muscular.

Your breathing intensifies as I move my soft wet lips down to your nipples and suck them. I follow the trail of your light fur with gentle yet burning kisses, impatient to get where I really wanted.

“Oooh” you are so hard. ~ detailed sex stories

I flick my tongue all over the head of your cock. Swirling my tongue to catch every drop of your precum leaked. At least until you gently give my head a little push. Getting the message I suddenly engulf your entire throbbing cock. Feeling your cock hit my throat. My hands still work on your balls I suck you. I force your cock down my throat. I face fuck myself until you are ready to explode, but not yet my Lord. Suddenly I stop. You belong to me tonight. I want our bodies to ignite each other until we can take no more. I whisper in your ear: “I need you in me.” With no more words. Your throbbing, rock-hard cock invades me, fulfilling my need. Oh fuck, I’ve missed you, you feel so good. Slowly you fill every inch of my tight, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck me. Now!!!” You smile and pull out. ~ detailed sex stories

I am getting confused. Damn you. But then you suddenly grab my breasts and pull at them, lightly pinching my hard nipples. You send electricity down to my clit. Your hands squeeze my ass and pull me forcefully around so that my back is towards you now. You pull me back onto you. In one smooth motion, you impale me onto your cock. And you start fucking me. With the animal passion that is our Lust. As you are pounding me hard I clench the sheets for support, but you keep going.  Fast, and even harder I feel you groan as your cock slams into my tight pussy. My pussy contracts and I know I am close to cumming.

My pussy contracts as I send juices all over you. Your pace quickens, I grasp the sheets, my breasts erect, my back arched, my entire body at your command. I am exposed and vulnerable to you. But I cannot stop as you keep me in a fiery orgasm for what feels like an eternity. Oh, fuck you feel good. I cannot stop cumming. Finally, my body is depleted of its love juices. I stop whithering and lay resting flat against the bed, soaking in hot sticky pussy juices, trying to breathe. You have exhausted me again. You roll me over onto my back. I am limp but you look at me with hard, rough eyes dark with lust as you gaze directly into mine. You tell me:

 “You woke the beast now tame to tame him I will use you”. ~ detailed sex stories

That is when you lifted my right leg over your shoulder, you thrust your cock into my poor pussy. You groan loudly as you start to fuck me hard and fast. I feel your throbbing cock get even harder. Your roar loudly, as you shoot your hot cum deep into me. You look at me as you cum. Your eyes are full of fire. We gently run our hands all over each other, cuddling as you collapse onto me. Wiggling around I lay on your chest and you lie on your back just as before, but with your arm cradling me. LOL, sometimes I am the one in control of my personal sex god. Why don’t you follow this link just click HERE to watch some videos. About the Quality phone sex operators here at phonesexkingdom.

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