The Maintenance Man and the Cheater!

Why is it that even after picking the perfect place to live, there are always small things needing the care and attention of of…the Maintenance Man Cheater? I picked this place as much for the location as for the type of guys I watched taking care of the property.  And from everything, I saw…this crew could take care of any problem I might have, big, or small. And by problems, I mean plunging, tightening, screwing.  Only, all of those have to do with me…personally. Tightening of pussy and ass. Screwing…much the same…Did I mention making sure they stay well hydrated by drinking my cum? Oh. I’ll be making loads of cum-smoothies at this place!

The first day in my new place, I found every single thing in perfect working order. Damn! That just will not do! I had a routine by now…I set about filling the toilets and sink with anything capable of causing an issue in need of lots of time and attention. Then I placed my call to the maintenance man and within minutes I had “Josh’s” guarantee someone would be over.  He said he’d checked my unit before it went on the market and couldn’t imagine what had happened to all of my plumbing since then.  I told him that my plumbing simply needed to be set right… and to make me the last stop of the day for whomever he would send.

I was sure it was going to get complicated and there’d be a tangle of things the guy would need to deal with for me to be “happy” with my new purchase.

There was time to shower (on the sly…my plumbing is fucked up, right? Giggle) I piled my hair loosely atop my head and sprayed on fresh perfume, pulled on my thigh-highs and attached the garter straps and slipped into a silk kimono, cinching it tightly to show every curve…and waited. He took a while so I poured a glass of wine and reclined on the sofa.

The knock finally came at the door, but I didn’t answer…Instead, I stood, hand casually on my right hip…and waited. I heard the Master key slowly turn as the voice came, “Hello! Maintenance!” Still, I was completely silent.  He came in all glistening with the day’s sweat and dirty as hell. But, underneath all of that…manliness was a visually beautiful guy…from the neck down he was heavenly.

At the same moment,  our eyes locked on each others.

His cock started growing in his nicely worn jeans and I could tell it was a fatty. He knew I saw it and a sly grin formed at just one edge of his lips. I licked my lips and bit down on the bottom one, my eyes roaming freely all over him. He stalked toward me, relieving himself of his work shirt along the way. He had a thin sheen of sweat over his pecs and I couldn’t tell what nationality he was. Couldn’t tell mostly because of the deep tan…maybe he’s black, I mused, uncaringly.

In one more step, he reached me and with a single pull, he removed the kimono, dropping it to the floor at my feet. In a blink he had me thrust against the sofa back, threatening to tip it over with the strength of his movement.  Just as quickly, he went all gentle-guy on me, wrapping a hand around my head, fingers laced in the strands. His tongue exploring my mouth in a rush of tender, unexpected passion and I gave in to the kiss. Our tongues danced and played and when we pulled away, we were both breathless.

His kiss created a wetness I was very familiar with…I do this kind of often, remember?

The kiss ran from my hungry mouth down to each breast. Suckling and kissing at each and then together…to my belly and finally the kiss landed just above my twitching clitoris. I moved to raise my hips to meet his mouth, but he held my hips in place…he was teasing me. I moaned in place of the verbal beg, which seemed so much more appropriate.

Is it possible to French kiss a pussy? I wondered as I slid in and out of consciousness from the pleasure of his tongue pushing deep, deeper inside me. His head was locked into place by my hands as I pushed and ground my sweet pussy all over his face. He was DRINKING and I went over the edge into pure ecstasy.

And that’s why he’s my favorite man to be a cuckold with! Giggle.

I started to regain some semblance of my thoughts to find his huge cock buried deep inside my pussy, grinding, moaning and trying to break me in two! Loving it! I bucked and rode the waves of our passion and begged for him to “fuck me, MORE and DEEPER!” I begged for him to move so deep inside me he would becum one with me…for the moment…you know me, right? Giggle

When he left, every pipe I had was cleared and ready for use.

Me? Oh, I’m still smiling! The joy of having a Maintenance Man around for all my needs?…How convenient! Giggle

I’m all settled in now…Nothing’s out of place, but I suppose you want to know if I’ve done anything to make him cum back… Call me. I’ll give every dirty detail to you.