I Used To Babysit For This Cute Guy At The Gym

I had this new guy also start working at the gym I work at and it took me a few minutes to realize who it was. It was when I saw his name on the chart. I realized I used to babysit for him when I was in my teens. He’d grown into a fine-looking young man for sure. I then had my mind wander to some very naughty things we got up to. He was several years younger than I was. And sometimes his parents would go out-of-town for the night and I’d sleep over and keep an eye on him.
One night when I was babysitting I thought he had been asleep for hours. And I stayed in his parent’s room when they had me sleep over and they were out-of-town. The t.v. in their bedroom had all the premium channels on it. Including the porn channels and I turned one of them on and kept the volume low. So as not to wake him up and I began to masturbate as I was watching one. All of a sudden I looked up and he was standing at the edge of the bed watching me rub my pussy. I immediately stopped and tried to pull the covers over myself and gloss it over. But he told me not to stop that he liked watching me do that and not only did he say that. But he asked if he could help me.babysit Dana

He Begged  Me To Let Him Touch Me

I was a bit shocked since he was so young, but he practically begged me to touch me. So I said he could, but he couldn’t tell anyone if I let him. He promised he wouldn’t tell anyone, so I pushed the covers off again. And let him touch my glistening wet pussy. I’d been his babysitter for years and never thought this would happen. He was touching my pussy and asking if he was doing it right. I said he was and to keep doing it just like that and I’d tell him to do it faster, do it harder. He was good at taking instruction and I soon came. I couldn’t believe it, but I did. From him touching me. He said he touched himself as well sometimes before he went to sleep and would I watch him and maybe touch him as well?
He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his cock out of his pajamas and it was hard. And he rubbed it and asked if I’d touch it and rub it for him? I felt guilty doing it, but he really wanted me to, so I did. It didn’t take long before he shot a few drops on the back of my hand. Every time I babysat for him we ended up masturbating together.
If his parents had any idea, I don’t even want to think about what would have happened. But we both enjoyed it a lot and he got so good at touching me. It’s hard to believe he was as young as he was. But he was good at it and I taught him all sorts of things and he was a very eager student. When I introduced myself to the now grown-up version of the boy I used to babysit. He blushed a little bit and said we should go out for a drink and talk about old times. I said I’d like that. My Favorite phone sex calls are age play phone sex. Let’s Talk!
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