I Love Playing Fun Sexy Games in My New Beach House

So, what kinds of fun sexy games do you enjoy? I love playing kinky truth or dare. All kinds of fun can be had with just the right person or people.

One of the places where fun can be had is the shower. There is something hot about shower time fun!  I was rather sad when I went to a friend’s house and saw that they had a huge shower, but didn’t utilize the full potential of the space inside.

So, about these fun sexy games!

Well, I have some exciting news to share with everyone. I recently bought a new beach house. Just think of the sexy fun games I played there. I have done so many things and I’m not even close to done.

There are so many places to explore in and out of the house. One weekend my husband and I and a few friends went to spend some time up there. We skinny-dipped in the pool, enjoyed beverages on my balcony, and watched the sunset.  A lot more happened too.

The fun sexy games started when one of my hot guy friends came up behind me and started to eat out my ass. Oh boy, I love his tongue and how playful he is.

I love sitting on his face while he licks my ass under my trembling legs. My friend loves sucking and pushing his tongue inside of my holes. He especially loves eating out my cream pie after several guys have fucked me.

While I was on the menu, my husband was eating his own lunch.

My husband Tony is so hungry. He loves pussy and sucking nice hard cock. If he had multiple mouths I’m sure he would have his lips busy all of the time. He started eating out my girlfriend while another guy pounded his ass with his hard dick. He was sure having so much fun! At one point, I watched and played with my pussy as the guy behind him shot his hot load inside of his tight asshole.

It didn’t take long before a hungry guy came and cleaned out his ass with his hungry tongue.

At one point all of us joined in on a huge daisy chain where all of us got to fuck someone. Then we switched places. By the time these fun sexy games ended everyone’s holes were thoroughly fucked, eaten, pounded, fingered, and creamed in.

There is still a lot to do!

Oh, these fun sexy games are not over yet. The next thing I’d love to do is host a huge bash of about thirty to fifty of us. Who knows the crazy things that could happen that weekend? I know everyone would go home so full of cum.

I think after dinner tonight I will go for a skinny dip in the nice warm ocean and see if someone will join me for a salty, but sensual fuck.


So, tell me about your kinkiest fun sexy games while we have some hot phone sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke