Some Showers Are Just Boring, But How About A Shower Time Fun Party With the Girls?

There are showers and then there are shower time fun showers. It’s so true that some showers are just mundane events in time that we have to do. Just think of all the fun you can have by touching, kissing, going under wet breasts to nip and tease those hard buds to an erect position.

Trust me, later on, after the summer I never looked at showers the same way ever again.  Those showers had so much potential, plus they were very large. Little did I dream that the large space would serve as the party space for all of our wet delightful fun.

Hence the summer long ago at camp.

Well, so you can imagine the place right? A summer camp is the perfect ground to meet and mingle with boys and hot girls. Camp was not only a great place to finally get away from our families, but to get into all sorts of sweet trouble.

I was fidgeting underneath all the hot padding and so were all of my other girlfriends.  Well, I had had enough sports for the afternoon and all I could think about was hitting the showers back at the cabin and getting on some clean clothes.

I could see some of my other girlfriends were so wet that you could see through bits of their clothes that were not covered up by the padding. When Christina took off her padding you could see that she was not wearing a bra under her shirt.

There was to be a dance that night!

We all wanted to get ready for dinner and the dance later that night. So, we all raced back to the cabin as fast as our sexy legs would carry us. There is something you should know about girls in cabins.

We really don’t give a fuck about going into a closed stall and changing or hiding under things to strip. We just threw off our clothes unceremoniously on our bunk beds. There would often be tons of panties on the ground, hanging on the posts of the bed, bras littered across our blankets, and shorts and shirts thrown in piles. Shoot, there have even been times when we went home with someone else’s panties.

I ran into the shower first, hoping to get a head start. Christina soon joined me and gave me a playful pinch to my ass. My face flushed so red as I had never dreamed she would touch me like that. To be honest I had been fantasizing about her for a while. However, soon we were joined by Veronica, Monica, Terra, and Tammy.

My eyes bugged out when I saw how much their bodies had changed!

I reached out and pinched Terra’s nipples till she screamed in pain and pleasure. She got even with me leaned forward and started pulling my nipples into her mouth. I moaned as I felt my buds growing into her skilled lips.

This was going to be a lesbian sex orgy that I would never forget. Then I felt someone crawl under my legs and spread my pussy apart. A soft velvety tongue circled my clit. My hips started to grind against my girlfriend’s face. Her tongue felt so good flicking and teasing my hole.

I looked over to the right and saw Monica and Veronica making out passionately. Two other girls decided to lay down on the shower floor and started to eat each other’s pussy at the same time. This was so much more than I could take in that I started to cum hard on my girlfriend’s face. I didn’t even care whose face it was.

As a rule, experiments can be quite tricky. On this day we would put our physics of flexibility and agility to the test as we sat on faces, and pulled our legs far apart so that two girls could lick one pussy.

All this shower time fun was making us so wet!

We were having so much fun trying new things and making as much cum flow as possible. While one girl was on her knees I went up behind her and started to lick her ass hole. I heard a loud moan as she fucked my face. Fingers inserted themselves into my wet pussy and my ass. One lucky girlfriend had a girl on her face and another eating her pussy.  I love shower time fun so much!


I would love to hear your sexy shower time fun stories.  So let’s go back in time for some exciting teen phone sex and we’ll have more fun than you can ever imagine.

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