Long Road Ahead

I met my trucker after going through quite a few. I was a regular at the rest stop off of exit 131. Florida girl through and through, I hadn’t quite found my Florida man yet.  The food over there wasn’t bad, but the money wasn’t great either. I spent many nights in the back of a semi, flat on my back.  I always stayed put and those semis never moved. It wasn’t until Bobby came that my life suddenly changed. He wasn’t like the others and his semi-truck was mighty fine. My long road ahead seemed it would be a tad bit sweeter, and a little bigger I may add.

He was a big boy.

Scruffy, but sexy, his jeans fit just right and I couldn’t wait to take them off. He noticed mine too, right as I was bent over picking up that twenty that fell out of my bra. He walked straight up and stood behind me, waiting for my back to bend straight.  I turned around and gave him a smile. Grabbing his hand to take him to my spot,  he stopped me. I asked what was wrong and he said “Baby, I’ve got a long road ahead and I’m taking you with me.”

I never felt so special.

This must be too good to be true, but it wasn’t. It got even better. I was a gorgeous working girl, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get a gem like Bobby. I figured he must want to tie me down and tie me down is just what he did. We hit the road and finally made our first rest stop late that night. There were men hollering until they saw Bobby. Then, Bobby did something that surprised me. He said, “Don’t worry fellas, I’m just gonna watch and make sure you pay my pretty little peach.” Could this be true? Had I found the perfect man while getting a free ride across the country? We had a long road ahead.

He made me so happy.

Glory hole to glory hole he watched me get fucked and they paid up, even more with Bobby around. We celebrated at night in the back of his semi. He never made me hand over a dime. Finally, one night, he gave me his big rig. His cock was about just as big and shiny as his truck. He loved topping off my cream pie. On the road one night he joined in with the other men. He didn’t fuck me in front of them, he just whipped it out and started jerking. I was so turned on.

It was a long road ahead for some road head.

He had made me the happiest little thing and I wanted to show him my appreciation.  Sucking him off for those long rides during the day and getting fucked and paid by night. Life couldn’t have been any better. We stopped by a resting point one night and there must have been about 50 truckers there waiting. “You Bobby?” One asked.  “who’s asking?” Bobby replied. “We are…”

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