Back Door Sally.

There is always that girl in town who just knows how to have a little more fun than everyone else. Back Door Sally was that girl in my town. She seemed to only hang out with boys. Frequenting bars nightly, she always managed to have a new arm around her waist and a hand in her back pocket. She wore the tightest daisy dukes you’ve ever seen and not much else. Her ensemble resembled something out of Coyote Ugly, and yes, she loved dancing are bars too. Would she only befriend men? Or did she just need to meet the right girl?

I walked up to the bar.

I managed to get a snug seat in spite of what seemed like a mosh pit, surrounding Back Door Sally.  Catching a  smile from her, I quickly returned the look. Was that for me? Another girl? In this case, I decided to break the ice by having the bartender send her a whiskey. I watched as he pointed towards me, seeing her head turn in slow motion with those blonde curls nearly as bouncy as her tits. She wedged her way through her fan base while making it safely to the seat I had my purse in. Pointing at the seat, she gave me a flirty look that only could have read as “May I?” I grabbed my back and gave her the “Why of course” nod.

Back Door Sally sat down.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and whispered “how’s that drink?” into her ear. Trying to restrain herself she leaned back into her chair, pushing her tits nearly out of her bikini top and she turned to me. She crossed her legs tightly, making me imagine her pussy getting wet and soaking her tiny shorts. I move my other hand onto her thigh and I turned to face her. She leaned in and said, “You aren’t like the other girls.” I smiled and said, “Neither are you.” We had a few more shots until I mustered up the courage to ask her “You wanna get out of here?”

I took her to the back alley.

She definitely thought I was taking her home, but I couldn’t wait. I pushed her up against the wall and pressed my pretty pink lips against her fire engine reds. I slid my tongue in as she slid those pretty arms around my neck. All I could think about was that juicy ass. I slid my hands down her waist and made my way to the back. I grabbed those cheeks and said, “Fuck you are hot.” She slid her fingers up my skirt and said ” Not as hot as you.” She started to finger fuck me and my pussy drowned her fingers in cum. 

“Turn Around Back Door Sally.”

Before turning around she said “what have you got for me, baby?’ I pulled out a 2-way strap-on from my purse while saying “I’ve got your ass now, that’s for sure.” Quickly turning around, she bent over. I slid one side of the dildo inside my pussy while telling her to drop her shorts. She dropped them and I couldn’t have been happier. I looked down and saw a little tattoo that reads “Back entrance only.” Finally, I grabbed that cock and…”

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