Mom and Dad Got Me a New Car, But They Never Thought I’d Seduce My Little Brother in it.

Getting a new car for my birthday was amazing! Now I had a place to be the naughty little princess I wanted to be. Except my parents were making me take my little brother

Since my birthday was on a Friday, I asked my parents if I could go out for a while. Upon insisting I take my little brother, they said I could. Irritated, I asked how a 16-year-old supposed to go and do the things that 16 years old’s want to do with their pesky little brothers hanging around? But I decided going out with my new car was worth dealing with my little brother.

It was just getting dark when I, after a long talk about road safety with my parents, was finally pulling out of the driveway. Not knowing where I was going, I soon ended up on a back road.

As I drove along the quiet back roads just outside of my city, I saw this little parking area for a hiking trail. It looked pretty empty, so I decided to park there for awhile. My little brother seemed very engrossed in something on his cell phone. Being the nosy big sister that I am, I decided to look over his shoulder.

He was watching a girl give a very sensual blowjob! “What in the hell are you watching?” I asked. Before I even finished the sentence he had locked his phone. “Nothing,” he responded, blushing intensely.

“So you like to watch porn while your sister is in the car not 3 feet from you, huh little brother?”

Incest With My Little Brother

He blushed, not saying anything, but I could see his cock standing straight up through his basketball shorts. I was feeling brazen, having my own car, being free. Reaching over my center console, I grasped his hard-on through his shorts. He blushed even more red, gasping as I felt him throb in my hand.

He was so shocked that I could touch my little brother’s hard cock. Before he had a chance to react, I pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking it softly. Leaning his head against the headrest of my passenger seat, he moaned loudly. I leaned down and sucked the head of my little brothers cock into my mouth, running my tongue all over it firmly. I could feel him throb, his body reacting to my teasing.

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