My boy toy has a lipstick fetish.  He loved playing my kisses game.  

He always was excited when he came into my room to notice I had everything set up for our game!   I laid out five tubes of lipstick for him, ranging from pink to red, with a pack of makeup remover wipes next to the tubes.  He loved watching me switch shades the dirtier we got.  I always started with a light pink lip gloss.   He loved kissing my juicy lips and smearing the gloss from my lips on his face with hot, heavy kisses. I love exploiting his lipstick fetish. 

He ran his hands through my hair as my wet, glossy lips caressed his.  I stopped to re-apply the lip gloss while we kissed until he grabbed a wipe and gently cleaned the gloss off my lips.  I grabbed the next tube of lipstick off the table.  It was a subtle pink lipstick, he wanted me to start kissing down his body.  He was going to love every second of my oral sex!!

I wanted to indulge his lipstick fetish.

I moved down his neck, leaving the hint of pink kisses behind every graze of my lips.  Slowly, I worked my way down his collarbone and begin kissing his chest, reapplying lipstick as the color faded from my lips.  I began to kiss and suck on his nipples, covering them in pink.  He grabbed my chin and pulled me up, he loved that I also enjoyed his lipstick fetish.

He wiped my lips off again and handed me the bright pink lipstick.  I kissed his nipples again and kissed down his stomach until I got to his pants line.  He shuddered with every imprint of pink lips I left on his belly.  I started kissing around his pants line, sliding my tongue under the elastic, teasing him every chance I got, he loved me satisfying his lipstick fetish.

His breath had quickened as he grabbed my hair and tugged me over to him.

 It was time for the bright red lipstick.  I slid his pants down and started kissing his bikini line.  I kissed down his thighs, covering them in bright red lip marks I got wetter with every mark I left.  Goddamn, I love his lipstick fetish!  I worked my way back up to the base of his cock and sat up to put another layer of bright red lipstick on my lips.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he watched my red lips enclose around his stiff cock.  He grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth down over his cock until I left red lipstick marks at the base of his cock.  I felt his cock get harder with every red mark I left at the base of his cock.  

His favorite color was red for his lipstick fetish.

I was so wet from his excitement that I grabbed a wipe and wiped the bright red lipstick off and applied the deep, red matte lipstick.  So red it was almost black.  That’s my fuck me color!  I slid down and left a kiss on the head of his cock before I bent over laid down across of him with my pretty, pink pussy lips spread wide open.

He got up on his knees with his rock-hard cock in his hand and guided his cock up and down my wet pussy until finally, he slid it in.  He bent down and began kissing me, getting deep red all over both of us.  Seeing the lipstick smudged over my face made him crazy.  He started pounding into my pussy until I felt his cock explode, deep inside me.

I love laying next to him and seeing him covered in my kisses. We always have blast playing our lipstick game.

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