Lipstick Fetish: I Want To Be Your Lipstick Goddess!

Dear Perverts, as you know already, I love fetishes! The weirder the better. A lipstick fetish, however, is probably among the easiest for me to understand. Most women have had a fascination with lipstick since we were little girls. A perfectly glossy pair of red lips can do anything and make it look sexy.
I understand the lipstick fetish – the shape of lipstick in the tube, the colors, the texture…the way it looks going on the lips. Let me tell you about all the lipsticks and glosses I have – and listen to me tell you about then as I put them on for you and from there, I’ll do anything you want me to do…or by all means, tell me all about your personal lipstick collection and let me watch you on Skype as you put them on! Doll yourself up like a sexy, sissy slut and let’s watch you go to work.

Have a nice big dildo to wrap your sexy lips around? Better yet, want to find a cock to suck with those sexy, slutty lips?

I love watching a big cock blow a load all over that slutty face of yours. It’s your choice. But when it comes to your lipstick fetish, whatever your pleasure, I can give it to you! Let’s have some lipstick fun! My lips are begging to get dressed up for you, can’t you tell?

What’s your favorite lipstick color? Love the way certain lipsticks smell? Want to buy me lipstick to make sure I’m always painted?

Some very sexy lipstick fetish talk is waiting for you. If you’re looking for that perfect lipstick goddess to spoil, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for. If you love being pampered and fussed over and then turned into a filthy lipstick whore, I’m the goddess that will force your fantasies to come true.


All you have to do is call! The hottest fetish phone sex is just a few numbers away. I can’t wait to play with you!

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