Lesbian sex has never really been my thing until I was trapped by a giant Russian woman who craved pussy!!

I had the craziest lesbian sex the other night.  I was headed over to my friend Carmen’s house for a fun night out.  When I got to her place, everything seemed normal, but when I knocked on the door a big blonde woman with huge tits opened the door.  She told me Carmen was still getting ready and that I could just sit on the couch to wait for her. I sat on the couch, assuming Carmen would be out soon.  Instead, she yelled for me to come to see her outfit from in her basement, so I went down to help her pick something cute out for our night of fun. As I came to the bottom of the steps, I saw that Carmen was tied up in the corner and Olga was standing over her with a whip.  

Carmen started screaming through her gag and the last thing I remember is locking eyes with Carmen as Olga hit me hard on the head and knocked me out.

When I woke up I was tied to a bed and saw an array of toys on a table next to the bed.  Carmen was nowhere to be found, I struggled and tried to pull free from my restraints but it was no use. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and saw that I suddenly had trashy red lipstick on.  Whoever had us must have some creepy lipstick fetish.  Olga came in, obviously glad I was awake, she had a thick Russian accent and told me that I was her new toy for the evening.  She grabbed the vibrating wand off the table and started gliding it up against my leg.

“You will cum hard for Olga tonight, yes?” She said in her thick Russian vernacular.  I normally didn’t have lesbian sex, and I was scared of what this giant woman was going to do to me!

Instantly, I started to scream, but then the wand hit my pussy and my screams morph into moans of pleasure as she sat the ball of the wand right on my clit.

 I couldn’t fight off my pussy’s urge to squirt all over the wand.

“Yes, a big mess for Olga, You will cum again, now!”  I was suddenly overcome and found this big tittied Russian insatiable!  My pussy exploded everywhere for Olga. Olga seemed to be unable to suppress her excitement anymore, as well and climbed in between my legs.

“Olga eats now, Olga can’t wait to taste the sweet pussy now!”  She bent down and excitedly started tonguing and sucking away at my juicy pussy.  I couldn’t help but moan and move my hips around her face. Olga’s tongue worked miracles on my throbbing little clit, she was juicing my pussy like it was for morning orange juice.  I was enjoying my time having lesbian sex with this giant Russian woman!

“Yes, yes Olga wants the whole face covered in pussy squirt. Olga loves sweet, wet pussy! ” She said, and I could see the curls around her face dripping from my squirts!

She looked up at me and said: “Olga fuck now, pussy ready for a hard fucking!”

Olga climbed off of me and slid a huge strapon up her legs.

 I can’t even lie, I was excited to cum hard for Olga, I couldn’t wait to feel her giant tits slap against my face while she rammed into my pussy!  But instead of hopping into my pussy, like the horny little slut she seemed to be, she lit a cigarette and ran her fingers up and down my pussy.

She started to laugh, “Olga made Carmenski cum hard, too.  She Olga’s pussy pet, too!” Olga cackled as she walked out of the room, she returned shortly thereafter with Carmen on a leash.  Carmen’s eyes lit up when she saw me, happy to see a friendly face, I guess.

Olga pointed at me, “You make Camenski cum, You use your tongue as Olga did, then Olga will give you a good fucking!”  I was shocked, I’ve never had lesbian sex with a friend before, but Carmen’s face lit up.

I guess her being Olga’s little fuck pet has made her turn into a nympho because Carmen eagerly lowered her pussy over my face.

“Yes, you lick Carmen’s yummy puss!  Carmenski! Cum for Olga, make a big mess again!”  Carmen’s pussy tasted sweet on my tongue while she ground her pussy all over my face.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter with Carmen riding my face. I never knew to have lesbian sex by force was going to be so fucking hot!  Suddenly I felt Olga rubbing her cock up and down my pussy. Olga barely got the tip of her strapon into me and I came all over her cock as Carmen’s pussy squirt filled my mouth!

“Good, good, Olga wants a big mess, girl, make big messes for Olga!”  Carmen started moaning loudly, loving my tongue. But Olga needed some of her sweet pussy, too.  She pulled Carmen off of me and told her to lick her pussy while she fucked mine. Olga started groaning loudly as she glided her cock over Carmen’s tongue every time she slammed her cock into me.  Olga started screaming in Russian as my pussy blew squirts all over her strapped-on cock. She bent forward and let me suck on her giant tits.

I looked down and saw Carmen’s hands squeezing into Olga’s hips as she was eagerly working her face into Olga’s ass and pussy!

“Olga cum now, Olga cum all over Carmenski’s face!”  This large, tough woman practically screamed and I heard the fluid spraying from her pussy before she collapsed on top of me.

“Olga keeps you, just like she keeps Carmenski, you both stay Olga’s fuck toys!!”

…And that’s how I got kidnapped and tricked into having hot lesbian sex with my friend and a big Russian woman.  Olga said we could go as long as she could come to fuck us whenever she needed to nut.

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