I decided to have my limits tested for real one day.

I needed to know what it felt like to have my limits tested all the way! So, I had to see if I was as tough and resilient as I thought I was. I dish out quite a hefty bit of pain as a sadist. Could I be equally masochistic? I discovered a delightfully aggressive BDSM daddy online, whom I felt quite safe with as he taught several BDSM classes. We talked. He wanted me to be his sub for a pretty aggressive situation. Then, I told him that I enjoyed being on the dominant side of things more, and he let me know that many doms should experience the degradation of being a sub to better understand how to punish! I thought about it, and he was right, I talked so much game!

When it came down to it, I was quite inexperienced with pain myself. I could give it, but could I receive it? I just didn’t know. The idea of pain was much less appealing on the receiving end, so I always turned down the opportunity. I needed to prove to myself that I was tougher than these little bitches! So, we met in this clean little studio/dungeon that he rented out. The place already scared me! It was so rigged up! He ordered me to strip as I have ordered many submissives before. I did as I was told. I took it seriously because he took it very seriously. He handcuffed my hands together and strung them up tightly. I couldn’t pull them down like even an inch.

Then, he cuffed my ankles to the floor.

Really really far apart. He took out a very serious whip. This thing was no flogger. It was LONG. I tried not to make a sound to appear tough when he struck me. It felt like someone bit me. Or like fire. Like each spot that I was struck, felt like a branding. He already broke my verbal restraint after the first six lashes and he struck me another nine times! Then, he pulled out this big wooden paddle. It had several holes in it. I already did not think that I could take any more, but luckily my ass was untouched by the whip. I felt it smack my ass and It stung in a whole different way. The pain was much deeper. Ten of those and I felt pain in my tail bone and entire pelvis.

I thought it was all about withstanding the pain and transcending it. Not the case! It was about mixing that maximum pain intake with pleasure. Afterward, when I felt like I was just dangling in my own suffering and exhaustion, He began rubbing my clit. My legs felt so weak. He took the dildo and worked it into my pussy hole slowly. I trembled. Once the dildo slid in, he began pumping it. He pumped over and over, rubbing my clit in like five-minute increments. In between, he just pumped the dildo in long firm strokes relentlessly. This continued for forty-five minutes until I just couldn’t take it! Nobody has ever edged me before! I came by accident! I felt it wash over me.

Without a drop of energy left, I erupted into an orgasm.

My legs gave out beneath me and I hung solely by my arms. I came with my entire body. It was like a drug. I could see the appeal, but I don’t get bossed around too easily so it is not something I would choose to do for fun. It was, however, quite therapeutic. The trust. The loss of control and helplessness. Freeing almost. He unshackled my ankles and then moved to my hands. He told me that My training was over and that I did well. I did, make my limits clear beforehand. Nothing bloody or broken, but bruises and welts were ok, so he covered my whole backside and back in them. Consider my pain limits tested! I almost flopped to the ground, but he caught me and leaned me against his body.

Then he rinsed me down with a washcloth and dressed me. I slept like lead that night. Having my limits tested exhausted me, but also kind of relaxed me.

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limits tested