My cat-o-nine-tails wrath is a force to be reckoned with.

If you find yourself strung up by me, you must ask yourself what on earth you did to unleash my cat-o-nine-tails wrath! Sometimes I encounter sassy subs or subs that like to challenge me. Now, I do not know if they are masochistic in nature and just want to be punished, or if they truly do not believe that I will whip the shit out of them and want to test me. Either way, actions require consequences. Have you ever heard the phrase play stupid games, win stupid prizes? Well, that is exactly how I feel when a sub deliberately disobeys me for attention. Oh well, it is not like I dislike whipping the shit out of my subjects. I literally just wait for reason enough to rip into them.

One of the biggest missteps one of my subs could make is assuming that because I am nice, that I do not derive deep and sadistic satisfaction from punishing them and humiliating them. That isn’t to say I don’t love and appreciate blind obedience more, because that is a fact. I love when my subs are my little slaves/ soldiers. Ready to fight for me, degrade themselves for me, provide for me, go above and beyond for me, work tirelessly for me, and live simply so that I may possess all of the comforts that the world has to offer. If this is you, and the word no is not a part of your vocabulary in my presence, congratulations. You will receive most of my attention.

You might get showered with my pleasure, satisfaction, and even elation!

Can you imagine the privilege of being the subject of my elation? Don’t you just desperately want to make me cum? Well, I had a newer sub decide to test me. It is always the newer ones, and you can guarantee that I will break you like a wild horse. You will learn obedience, or you will be removed of your privilege to serve me. Serving me is already quite high profile as it involves my trust, one of the greatest rewards you may ever receive. each task will require higher levels of responsibility and testing me is unacceptable at that point. I was with another sub and he was waiting his turn.

He grew impatient like a toddler and explained calmly that he would have to wait. He then exclaimed that he felt fed up and desired to leave. I reminded him that he knew where the door was and of course, he chose to stay. As I finished up my work, I made my other, younger and more behaved sub watch, just to reinstate my authority. I strung up the sassy little bitch in front of my behaved sub. Handcuffed him and pulled his arms up using a chain through attached to the ceiling. I lifted his shirt over his arms and tucked it in front of his face, stuffing it into his mouth. I let my well behaved sit while he observed. Then I rifled through my drawers until I found my cat-o-nine-tails and returned swiftly.

I began to unleash my cat-o-nine-tails wrath upon him.

He knew his safe word. I was not going to stop until I felt satisfied or he used the safe word. If the safeword left his mouth too early, he needed to say goodbye to his place as my slave. I whipped him four times in the exact spot of his shoulder, then moved lower. Four times there too, I made sure that I covered his whole back in bloody welts. Then, I pulled down his pants and whipped both his ass and thighs as well. I made sure that every time he sat down, he would regret crossing me for the next two weeks. Then, I dismissed my other sub and let my freshly whipped one down. I ordered him to dress and still made him perform his usual tasks.

Something about the older ones that drives them to provoke me. They must assume that because I am younger I am incompetent or easily manipulated. Those men, if they wish to serve me, will taste my cat-o-nine-tails wrath before the true beginning of their servitude.

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cat-o-nine-tails wrath