Lil Wayne Sex Tape Is Clearly Fake…Now, What Do I Do?

Dear Perverts, last week I went on a search to find this Lil Wayne sex tape that has been lurking about the internet. I was looking for a sex tape leaked of him and Nicki Minaj. Wayne is sexy in a high-risk junkie kind of way (see: guys I would fuck if I was taking PrEP, later this week). But let’s be real, Nicki Minaj is SO FUCKING SEXY, and I guess she better be, as injected as that ass is.

So I get out my trusty (you know it, you love it) 20-speed vibrator, crawl into bed and begin my spank bank search.


This blog is going to be a short one, sadly. I just want to save you some time. I get on xvideos and start searching, ready to feel my pussy throb looking at those perfect Carmelita tits and big bouncy butt…what I find is a goddamn music video spliced with some anonymous amateur black sex?! WHAAAAAT?! Oh, and pervs, to top it off, it’s only like 4 minutes long. What? Complete bullshit. I can get off to a loop of Amber Rose twerking in a pool faster than this garbage Lil Wayne sex tape.


So pervs, you might wonder, what are my go-to searches in the face of an utter fail such as this?


Titty fucking cum shot compilation, double blowjob, double penetration threesome, Asian gang-bang, lesbian hentai, massage rooms Rita, Kimmy Granger (her blowjobs are really unattractive but she’s SO CUTE and bendy)… and if you want to show me something, you know what to do. Mutual masturbation phone sex is one of my specialties. It’s always fun to watch porn together. Especially once I start sucking your cock and you have your fingers in my pussy…right?

Just thought I’d do a little research for you, perverts. The Lil Wayne sex tape is bogus.


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