Well, well, well, a few weeks ago was one that I’ll never ever forget. My dear friend Richie came for a visit and boy did I have a surprise for him. When he arrived we did a few fun things shopping movies and dinner along with his favorite getting me a fresh pedicure, he loved seeing my feet looking good, which I must say was very relaxing. So after a day of fun we arrived back at my condo just to relax and hangout. After we got home my doorbell rang it was my neighbor Deandre he was one sexy piece of chocolate he kinda got my juices flowing every time I saw him 6’4, 235 lbs, nice toned athletic body.

I mean what else could a girl want. So after just the three of us sitting around chilling Richie thought we should have a few drinks so what the hell I brought up beer pong so Deandre called four more of his friends over and we started playing. Well to make thing interesting the team who won the game got to live out their wildest sex fantasy. So before you knew it the game was over and Richie had won. I looked at him and he smiled I could see that look in his eye he was ready to claim the prize.

So Richie excused himself went to my room and wow when he re-entered the room he was wearing my pink Lacey thong and some thigh high stockings of mine he asked me to sit on the couch and he then start kissing my freshly pedicured toes while then removing my heels as he continued to lick and caress my feet Deandre and his friend just stood back and watched. Richie then told them this was not all the guys looked at him and said huh what else Richie then told them to take out their massive cocks and that he wanted them to start masturbating. Seeing all those enormous black cocks immediately made me wet. I could not contain my slutty self so I lifted my dress and began rubbing my pussy as fast and hard as I could and before I knew it those massive meat sticks were gathered around me while my little pet Richie sat back and watched. Richie told the guys to cover my feet in cum and before I knew it, my feet were drenched in cum. Next Richie then crawled over and began licking all the cum off of my feet and sucking my toes completely dry boy did Richie love that cum. He even got to clean everyone of those mighty massive pieces of meat well needless to say my friend Richie was one happy guy that night.



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