I know it’s cold as fuck right now and snowy and miserable across most of the United States. But not everywhere. What about Texas or Arizona or Las Vegas Nevada or Hawaii or even sunny southern California. There are plenty of destinations where we can hope on plane….plan a picnic…. and fuck outdoors under the sweet sunlight. Cum on….aren’t you just a little bit tempted to sun bath your cock in my sweet pussy?

Oh yes….you can slide that cock right through my huge juicy tits and slam it hard with the sunlight smiling on your ass. Oh yes….pump it hard baby. Push that cock right to my mouth so I can lick it and suck it. I want your rock hard cock in mouth more than a god-damn popsickle.

Let’s lay out a blanket on the green grass. How about a glass of wine? Or maybe a shot of whiskey? It’s our day. And we are going to spend it FUCKING.

Do you like the idea of that? Wouldn’t you love to see Momma Genie’s huge 44 DD cup tits in broad daylight? Oh trust me, my girls looks hot in the sunlight. And when the sun is shining on my tits my nipples get hard as rocks and I need some soft lips and wet tongue to suck them.

When I spread my legs and feel a warm breeze up fly up my cunt my pussy gets nice and juicy. I want to feel your head buried between my legs with the beating down on your tight ass. Lick it….suck it…..drink my juice. It’s better than jello shots….and much sweeter.

And when you get my pussy nice and wet then you know what to do. Slide it in. Oh yes….slide that rock hard cock inside my pussy and FUCK ME HARD, daddy. Fuck me till I sweat….fuck me til I scream for more…..fuck me in every hole I have with the sun beating down on our naked bodies doing the nasty in the light of day. Oh no….what if someone sees us fucking? Oh hell  yea…..let’s give the bitches a show. I hope the take pictures or shoot a video.

I’m dreaming about it, baby. Let’s do it. Let’s fly somewhere warm and tropical and do what we’ve been dreaming about.  Let’s FUCK outdoors.

Written by GENIE