Placed on the shelf, left for one of those rainy days where you are too lazy to drive to the bar and pick up an actual slut. Nina is your sex puppet, sexy, big tits, and a tight little pussy. The perfect girl for you, she doesn’t talk and you can fuck her whenever your cock is rock hard. You see a sex puppet can be something magical as if she was alive and actually fucking you back… But, that could never happen.

Well, it’s one of those nights where beer from the fridge sounds a hell of a lot better than driving down the street. It’s been a while since you’ve fucked your sex puppet Nina and she looks like she’s collected dust sitting on that shelf. You grab her down and lay her on the bed, blowing her off as if she were an antique lamp.

Oh, how you’ve missed her beautiful curvy body. Her perfect voluptuous breasts, and her tight shaved little pussy. This sex puppet is perfect, and she can always satisfy you when you’re home all alone and really fucking horny. After you drink another couple of beers it’s time to move things to the bedroom. Holding your perfect sex puppet as if she were a real woman, cuddling her naked body in bed while you fondle her nipples and making that cock of yours hard. She feels, so real, and that’s why you got here of course, but can a sex puppet have warmth like a human? Or maybe you’re just really drunk.  Moving your hands lower, down to her moist pussy… hmm has it always gotten wet? The beer is really going to your head… moving fingers inside… holy shit it does feel like a real pussy, it’s warm and wet and…

sex puppet fuck doll

Ignoring the fact that your sex puppet is feeling more “real” than, usual you begin to undress. That cock is fully hard now and your sex puppet dripping so sexually from her pussy. You get on top and begin to vigorously make love to her, starting slow… moving gently and gliding all inches inside her hole, it has never felt this good, not with anyone. Eyes closed tight and pumping a little faster and fucking a little harder you’re getting to the edge. It’s surreal, this feeling, this fake pussy giving you the satisfaction of a woman. Eyes still closed, you feel arms wrap around your neck, and moaning… a woman moaning, loud and in your ear.

As you open your eyes, it’s Nina, your sex puppet, holding on to you and enjoying her fucking. Can this be real? Or are you seriously that drunk from those few beers?

Nina still holding on tight, whispers in your ear…

“I’m real.”

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