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Rachael and Cassandra were singing along to the music and spinning all around the fire. I was lost in Melinda’s eyes, such a deep green, and I couldn’t stop wanting more of her. She grabbed a bag from near a stump and the other girls had me come dance with them. Melinda had put on a crown of some leaves and daisies and brought out three more. She handed the girls theirs and placed mine on my head.. and gave me another kiss.


They spread out around the fire and reached out to grab each other’s hands and then for mine. We danced around the fire and they chanted something I had never heard before in Latin. It was beautiful. I found out later that they were thanking the moon and gods for letting them dance in their light. We giggled and danced for hours and had libations of cheap wine and Twinkies. They spread out a blanket and all sat down in a circle and had me sit in on it.

We held hands and meditated for a while. It was calming and peaceful but all I could think about was Melinda. Having her set her smooth pussy lips on my mouth and tasting her juices. I squirmed quite a bit thinking so much. I had not opened my eyes for a while because I was thinking so hard then I felt a soft hand graze my nipple and grab a hold of my tit. I opened my eyes to find her right in front of me on her knees. Her perfect tits in front of my face… I leaned forward and stuck her beautifully pink left nipple in my mouth. It got so hard in my mouth and she softly moaned and scooted closer to me and pulled me to my knees. We met mouth to mouth and she started making out with me.

I saw that Rachael and Cassandra were already eating each other’s pussies. They were laying their pussy to mouth.. and there were soft sucking and slurping sounds that made me even hornier. Melinda went down and started sucking on my nipples. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. They were so big and juicy and I just wanted to suck on them all night. She put her hand on my pussy, rubbing it lightly with her palm and biting my nipple, smiling. She stuck her finger between my lips and rubbed my clit and I just leaned back a little letting her get to it better. She smiled and grabbed my right hand and put it right on her mound. I began rubbing her clit and she giggled then gave my pussy a few slaps. It hurt a little but I fucking loved it.

She pushed me down and bent me into some kind of pretzel! She spread my cunt lips and started lapping up my pussy and ass. I watched as her tongue danced in and out of my hole and up to my clit and down to my ass. She set me back down and straddled my face.. her lips right on my nose and mouth. I couldn’t breathe so I opened my mouth and began to lick her tight twat. She tasted like milk and honey.. so sweet and smooth. She started grinding her pussy on my face and getting it all wet with her juices. I reached up and pinched her nipples and twisted them, she threw her head back and let out a loud moan.. she loved that. I pushed her off me and bent her over with her big round ass in the air. I rubbed it with my hand and gave it a nice spank. She squealed and I did it again. She giggled and looked back at me, biting her lip. So I bent her over even more and slapped her pussy a little and then ate her ass like it was the last supper.

She laid down on the blanket and pulled me up on top of her in the 69 position. I looked to the others and Cassandra had a strap on and was fucking Rachael hard! Mmm, I couldn’t wait to cum in Melinda’s gorgeous mouth. She spanked my pussy a little and began munching on my cunt. I started to lick her and we licked, sucked, fingered, slurped each others’ pussies. Melinda was the first to cum. Her thighs twitched along with her little teen clit in my mouth. And her cum flowed into my mouth.. so sweet. And that set mine off. Melinda grabbed a dildo from the others and shoved it deep inside my pussy and she sucked on my clit. I squirted all over the blanket, Melinda’s face, and her bag. She just drank it all up from my pussy.

I was glad I had these new friends. Witches aren’t so bad.. in fact, they are wild when it comes to eating pussy. And I wouldn’t mind fucking a few more in the future. Mm-hmm!

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