I’ve had all kinds of friends and girlfriends throughout my life. But, no one ever compared to those who are part of the occult. Especially the ones who are lesbian. They’re always so much more passionate and give sex a deeper meaning than just someone who loves to fuck. I’ve had my share of girls, eaten plenty of pussy, sucked on tons of tits, fingered girls left and right but when I met these three witches.. they showed me what real passion was!


I was almost 18 and still in high school. Well, my family had moved to a smaller town where my grandparents lived in Arizona. When I say small I mean… small. My graduating class had like 75 people. Anyway, I made lots of friends, was a cheerleader almost instantly, had guys drooling over me, and was just popular amongst my peers. I ruled the school, I guess you could say.

I started taking art and dropped a Spanish class because I just couldn’t get into it and everyone always made fun of my pronunciation. All the seats were taken except for this one by three girls. Melinda, Rachael, and Cassandra. Everyone always said they were weird and had lesbian sex and were witches. It always intrigued me though. And I smiled and gladly sat at their table. Of course, they were staring daggers at me. I just smiled and listened to the teacher.

Our homework that night was a college that showed what we liked. So, as soon as I left class I bought a couple of magazines from the Circle K and headed home. They were Revolver and Guitar World. When I got home I got out an old issue of Gothic Beauty magazine and flipped through it. It was filled with beautiful gothic girls who weren’t afraid to be themselves. I cut some of their dresses and corsets out and posted them onto my board. Then band names from Revolver and Guitar World. The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Metallica, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative… just to name a few. Then found some dragon photos, the letters D&D, and mythical creatures.

My board was complete. My mother looked at my finished homework and said “Wow. Nothing on there has anything to do with cheer or sports.” I told her “Yeah. I know mom. But, I’ve always been different.” I guess it surprised her it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and country music. I had worked hard on my assignment and was ready to go to sleep. So, I stripped naked and hopped into my satin sheets. I was wondering as I fell asleep if the three girls in art class were really witches. If that were true.. it’s pretty hot.

The next day I walked into art class with my board. Everyone’s looked great and mine, in my opinion, was the best. It showed my true me… not just the cheerleader I wear on the outside. The girls at my table stared at my board and were whispering to each other but I paid no mind. Melinda was this paled skinned beauty with fire truck red hair and big DD tits. I stared down her shirt for the rest of the class. I couldn’t help myself.. and it didn’t help anything that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her perky nipples were trying to poke their way through her shirt fabric. It made my little cunt slippery thinking about what she must look like under all her clothes. I bit my lip and just squeezed my knees together trying not to get too horny.

After class, the girls headed straight out of the classroom… I watched Melinda’s perfectly round and fat ass walk out the door. No panties either. I walked a little way behind them and watched her ass jiggle and bounce. I wanted to grab it. They walked into the restroom so I followed. The three of them were applying makeup in the mirrors and I snuck into the stall to take a quick piss. When I was done I walked out and all three stood in front of me, Melinda in the middle with her rock hard nipples pointing right at me.

“You’re Bailey right?”
“Y-yes. I am. You’re Melinda, correct?”
“Correct. So, we couldn’t help but notice that your board was.. interesting. If that all is true, maybe you want to hang out with us tonight?”
“Sure! I would love to,” I said staring at Melinda’s velvety deep red lips.
“Great. We’ll pick you up at 9.”

And they walked out. I couldn’t help but notice they didn’t take down my address or phone number. Well, maybe they were joking. Whatever. I walked to my car and headed home. The normal day when I got there. Dinner and homework. Then 9 pm rolled around. I wondered if they were going to show up at all. Around 9:10 I headed to my room and figured they weren’t coming. I sat on my bed and was just about to get naked when I heard a light knock on my window. I was slightly startled but opened my curtain to see the gorgeous Melinda standing there in a cinched corset and low-cut top. She motioned for me to come out so I grabbed my purse and shoes and went out the front door.

We got into Rachael’s car and Melinda sat next to me. We listened to The Cure and drove out to the middle of the desert where a small fire was. The girls reminded silent but smiled a lot. Melinda took my hand and lead me to the fire. Her red hair looked incredible in the bright moonlight. Then Plainsong by The Cure played on the car radio and the girls began to take off clothing. I stood in awe as Melinda unlaced her corset and pulled off the top and pulled off her short skirt. Her pale skin glistened under the moon and her nipples were perky as always and beautiful. She smiled and pulled my t-shirt up off my head and arms and the other girls began to dance around the fire, giggling. Melinda pulled off my jeans and grabbed my hand and lead me to the fire.. and she began to dance with me. Her tits bounced about with mine and she leaned in close and gave me a big wet kiss in the moonlight. My pussy instantly began to get soaking wet. As if she put a spell on me.

More to cum in part 2!

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