My New Neighbor Just Happened To Be A Very Hot Lesbian

From the time I was really young, I always enjoyed reading erotica as I masturbated. Lesbian sex stories were some of my favorite things to read as I rubbed my pussy. I’d never done anything in real life with a girl before. But I’d always fantasized about it. And reading lesbian sex stories wasn’t quite the same as real life obviously. But the erotic would often be so descriptive and graphic, it really painted the pictures in my mind. So it was as if I was watching it really happen. This new woman had moved into my condo a few weeks ago and I found her very attractive when I saw her around the building.Dana likes lesbian sex stories

She Had An Erotic  Lesbian Book In Her Bookcase

She seemed friendly and mentioned she was new to the city and was trying to meet new people.  And she asked me in for coffee and I was happy to get to know her better. We sat down on her sofa and chatted a while and she had a large bookcase. And I got up to look at her vast collection of books . I gasped when I saw one and she asked what the matter was. I saw a copy of the exact book of lesbian sex stories I used to masturbate to when I was in high school. But I couldn’t very well say that to someone I just met.

She Could Tell I Was  Getting Turned On

She came over and asked me what title I was looking at and I visibly blushed. I said we had the same taste in erotica, apparently and told her what book. She smiled and took it out and began to read a passage from it. One I was very familiar with and used to stroke my clit to hundreds of times in the past. She could tell I was becoming aroused and I got up to go. I was a bit shocked by all of this happening. She got up and followed me.She pressed me against the wall and kissed me and started to remove my clothes.

I Was Soaking Wet As She Fingered Me

I didn’t fight her. We kissed passionately and I soon felt her fingers toying with my exposed pussy. And I spread my feet apart to give her better access to my cunt. I was sopping wet as she fingered me standing there leaning against her wall. We walked into the bedroom and fell on her bed. And she took her clothes off and we lay kissing on the bed and touching each other, our hands roaming all over one another’s bodies and exploring each other’s pussies.

She kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples, making them hard. And then kissed down my tummy to my wet cunt and lapped at my clit and suckled on it. She was making me squirm with pleasure. I grabbed the back of her head and was pushing it right into my pussy. And she worked that tongue on me better than any man ever had. Very soon I was creaming on her face. I was happy to return the favor and for the first time ever licked out another woman and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I never dreamed a book of lesbian sex stories would get me here.

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