I know I may seem sometimes like I am all about those giant juicy wieners, but that is not totally the case. When it comes to hot lesbian sex there is barely a pussy that I don’t want to dive my face right into. Naturally, my favorite is not the pro lezzies, however. My favorites are whenever I can take a sweet innocent farm girl from around town somewhere and turn her into a bad little bitch. Something that would make her Daddy blush about. I like to bring her back to my house for a slumber party and well, you know.

Mallory Shares Her Lesbian Sex Experience

This chick right here was one that I grew up going to school with. She was always the one to have her cute little nose in the books. As we all got older she filled out quite nice.   She was a good girl and managed to stay away from all the heated exploration that the rest of us were getting into. After bumping into her at the grocery store, I decided to get nice and chummy with her again. Soon I had her back at my house enjoying a glass of wine while cooking up some tasty food. In no time at all, though she was knocked on her ass and looking to get a little frisky, so we ventured into my bedroom kissing and peeling back our clothes.
She whimpered as I began to play with her sweet little pussy. Her cunt was warm on my hand. I kissed her while I finger banged her. She liked that. I was starting to see that there was a lot more to her than what I remembered. It was to my surprise that she has brought along her own little party favor to our little lesbian sex session. It was a big strap-on. She remembered that I had become a little bit of a freak in the sheets and was ready to give me the pegging that she thought I needed. I was glad to take it too. The rest of the night we took turns fucking each other till we edged towards a massive climax. It was a scissor that got us both off. The hottest scissor I had ever done!
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