Lesbian foot fetish fun is something that I do not get to do every day. However, when it comes to this type of sexual engagement there is no one I would recommend more than Corey and I! Although, I am not sure if you are prepared to handle such hotness. After all, when it comes to the two of us we know how to please in a way that most men can’t. Finally, you will be able to experience four sexy feet feeling you the way you need it. Just as one lucky guy got to experience when Corey and I played together.

Lesbian Foot Fetish; Corey And I Will Sensually Satisfy Every Bit Of You

We were on vacation together, the perfect time to have fun. Although, we were out for one agenda only. That was to get into as much trouble as possible. That came in the form of a nerdy, slightly overweight, middle-aged man. He must have felt like he won the lottery when Corey and I sat down next to him at the bar. After all, we are a pair of dynamic divas that will catch anyone’s eye. I was leaned in close to him rubbing on his thighs as the three of us talked. Corey, ran her hands along his chest while she convinced him to take us to his hotel room.

Without hesitation, he did this. The two headed up to the room with him and went to freshen ourselves in his bathroom. We stripped the tight form fitting dresses from each other’s sexy bodies but left on our panties and pumps. His jaw hit the floor whenever he saw Corey and I walk into his hotel room. He sat on the edge of his bed wearing his boxers and sporting a large hard-on. Holding hands with Corey the two of us approached towards him. He complimented us and we began to beg him to tell us his secret fantasy.

He confessed to us that he had a lesbian foot fetish.

Although I could tell he was nervous to tell us, it was hard for him to contain his excitement. He confessed to us that he had a lesbian foot fetish. We sat onto the edge of his bed with him and snickered at his anticipation. Slipping my foot from my heel I rubbed my toes over the front of his boxers. Groans left his lips as he pushed against my foot throbbing and pushing through the opening of his boxers. Corey kissed on his neck and rubbed on his chest as I slid his cock from the hole.

My feet on either side of his boner I began running them up and down his shaft. He groaned into Corey’s kissing mouth as my instep began to satisfy him. Corey pushed him back and began to ride his moaning face. I leaned forward and kissed on her breast. She leaned forward and began and ran her fingers through my beautiful blonde hair before spitting onto my feet.

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