Everyone loves it when it starts to get warmer and everyone love lesbian sex. Generally, around this time the nice weather means holiday fun, little amounts of clothes, and family gatherings. See, some people think that spending time with their family can be quite annoying. With me, that is really not the case. I love everything there is about spending time with my family. Especially when it comes to all of my kissing cousins and aunts. We like to call ourselves divas because really, that is what we are. When we get together the hottest kinkiest things happen, and this time would be no different.

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It all started with us cramming together in my master bathroom to get ready to go out for that evening. We started giggling and doing each other’s make-up when one of the gals pointed out the size of my tub. Soon there was water running and the girls were playing and splashing causing a big mess. I tried to reach in and pull the stopper but instead, me and my white blouse were pulled into the tub. My tits were exposed and there was wet pussy all around me. I loved it though. I grabbed one of my cousins and pushed up her skirt exposing her pussy to my face. 

Soon the others started to surround us, sticking their feet into the water and getting into the moment themselves. Whimpers and moans began to fill the room. This was the perfect lesbian sex orgy, and the fact that it was all of my favorite incest phone sex babes made it absolutely perfect. Soon we had double-ended dildos into each other’s cunts and were creating quite a splash in my over-sized tub. I loved it so much. What made it better was the load of cousin cum that I had all over my face when we were done. Holidays are the best!

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