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Lesbian foot fetish? Fuck yea! I knew when Mallory and I hung out it was going to be a fucking blast but I had no idea we would get this kinky right off the bat. However, I should not have been surprised. My pretty little cunt was already riding the face of some no-named lucky guy. Do you think he knows just what we were going to take from him? I am sure he didn’t. Although, I am sure he wouldn’t care to give us all he had. Mallory’s pretty fucking feet were running up and down his cock and we were already taking his pre-cum from him.

Lesbian Foot Fetish; Corey And I Will Sensually Satisfy Every Bit Of You 2

I couldn’t hold back my wicked little laugh as Mallory demanded more from him. He placed his hands on my ass and held me into the air and he groaned into my cunt. Finally, I was able to put my legs forward wrapped around his cock. Mallory whimpered out and began to play with her cunt as she put her toes all over his bulging ball sacs. I was so turned on by her I couldn’t help but lean forward straddling his body on my all fours. After all, I craved Mallory’s cunt, as much as I craved cock.

His cock was throbbing I grabbed it in my hands and began to stroke it

I began licking all over her pussy as she continued to fumble with his ball and her toes. It was so fucking hot. I even tucked my own pretty piggies into his eager mouth. His cock was throbbing I grabbed it in my hands and began to stroke it. Mallory Turned over onto all fours and I knew exactly what she was going for. Although, I had to help him a little I guided his throbbing cock into her cunt. He was so sensitive he tossed his head back and groaned. I knelt and let him her lick all over my cunt as he stuffed her full of his load. Then, it dribbled all over my pretty little toes. OF course, he sucked the jizz off my feet as well.

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