Lesbian sex I’ll never forget…

It was just a Saturday night and I was hanging out with a group of friends. Most of the girls I was hanging out with that night were either bisexual or gay. Who doesn’t love lesbian sex?  I consider myself bisexual but if given the choice I definitely love cock more.

But that night we ended up in lesbian joint with great music and lots of fun and some of the girls were pretty attractive. We weren’t there to pick up anybody it just was basically a nice place to hang out. We were drinking and partying and as usual I had gone overboard and I was truly fucked up. I was on the dance floor just moving all by myself feeling the Fucking music when I noticed just the cutest little lesbian dancing up close to me. She was super cute had nice puffy titties and a very sexy little face. Just the kind I like and she was petite and looked really young. So I danced with her for a while and we got really close. She was all over me and it was clear that she had too much to drink as well. When the song was over I smiled at her and just made my way back to my friends but I noticed that this girl was following me so I bought her a drink and asked her “you are old enough aren’t you? “In which she replied.” Oh fuck yeah!” We were both checking each other out as we sipped our drinks she was to super cute but I really wasn’t thinking about hooking up.

I decided to go to the bathroom to fix my makeup and hair and go pee. As I was brushing my hair I heard the door open and the bathroom and here was this cute little lesbian following me once again. I Was pretty drunk by then and was having some dirty thoughts.” Well, look who’s here ” I said. “Need some help with your hair?” I asked. I immediately moved right behind her brushing my tits up against her back as we both looked into the mirror. I brushed her hair a few strokes and she just looked so submissive and so into me that I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I took her hand and guided her to the last stall. Yeah a bathroom stall Fucking filthy. She looked at me wide-eyed but clearly willing to do whatever I said and I sat on the toilet and told her to lock the stall and told her come towards me and she did .She was wearing a sexy, tight miniskirt and I took my hands and slid them up her inner thighs. I could hear her gasp and also little moan which turned me on. I lifted her skirt and slid my hand under it to see a cute pair of panties light pink, and very transparent.. I looked up at her and stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked a little and then I pulled her panties down to her knees and stuck my finger into his little lesbians bald little cunny and began to finger her nice and easy. Her hands went to my shoulders and she squeezed and moaned. I could feel how wet this little lesbians pussy had become she was so sexy cute and I was so Fucking turned on. I continued to play with her tight little pussy and I could tell by the way she was gripping my fingers that she was getting close to Cumming. And I couldn’t have that! What about me?

I slid my fingers out of her pussy and licked them. I then stood up and guided her to sit down on the toilet this time. Throughout all of this we could hear the door slamming and girls coming in and out but we didn’t care we were both so horny. And that’s when I was standing in front of her and lifted my skirt. Her face was right at my pussy level.

I was wearing a black thong with the tiniest patch covering my bald pussy I was already wet my pussy juices were already starting to drip down my thighs. It was clear that I was more dominant than her and I told her to pull down my panties and she did I guided her mouth towards my hungry pussy. I parted my pussy lips and she stuck her tongue out to lick my already swollen clit. She looked up at me the whole time which was very sexy and stuck her tongue inside me. Before I knew it I was grabbing her head and grinding my pussy up against her tongue. I told her not to move” just stick your tongue out” ! and she did and it wasn’t very long before I was humping and coming and squirting pussy juice all over her face. Mmmm. It was Fucking great. Her face was full of pussy juice and I bent down to lick it off her face. She looked so innocent…And Horny! I pulled my panties up and I pushed her against the door of the stall. I held her face and gave her deep kiss sticking my tongue inside her mouth my hands played with her body. Squeezed her perky tits and I stuck two fingers in her bald little cunny. I finger fucked her in and out and I could hear the moans in my mouth and when she came it was the cutest moan that came out of her. My fingers were filled with that little lesbians pussy juice.

And without a word I open the stall door and went back out to the bar and she disappeared. Just like that my little hottie was gone! I plan to go to that bar when I’m feeling like I want to be with the girl I hope I find her again!.

 Dirty Lil Dana