When you’re a young teen you don’t know if you’re a lesbian?

At the least, I don’t think so. Being a cheerleader all through school always gave me the chance to be around sexy girls. That was a chance I always wanted to have that lesbian vibe at any given moment. Then there’s what my mom did for a living and the romping her and my dad did daily. It’s was like two rabbits the way they would go at it.

After my first experience with my bestie sexually, it just opened the doors to wanting to know more. She and I talked about hot girls and how we always we around them and who would be open to having fun with us. So since we were on the cheerleading team we came up with a great idea. I already knew that my mother had a big collection of sex toys so we were already set with that.

One late day after practice I decided to see which girl would take the bait. There were only two others after pick up that stayed to help clean up and take showers. Does loving the view of naked bodies from my fellow cheer mates make me a lesbian? If it does then I’ll extra guilty! I was never ashamed to drench my eyeballs in the sea of perky bodies.  I and Shannon hopped in the same shower so that the other two could see.

Of course, they came over to look and found me fingering her pussy from behind while washing her back.

Tammy to older girl kind of snickered and in a low voice said “lesbian”. I just looked and said I bet I can make you two cum. The two being her and Sal right next to her, Sal’s nipples were hard and you could see her juices dripping.

My mom had a strapon that I took with me that day which was about 8” long. I took that in my change bag right to school. All I could think was that this is like one of those porns while getting it out of my bag. I was literally dripping wet with excitement. They were all ready to be bad little cheerleading cunt lovers with me and my Shannon.  Four horny lesbian cheerleaders ready for a big dildo. I took lead and wore the dildo and told them to choose a position. Shannon chose the take it on her back while lying on the bench. Tammy wanted to bend over and take it while Sal rode me.

I liked giving Sal it the best because of her big rack. I had her ride that strap on slowly while having her arms wrapped around me so that I could suck on her nipples. Now you’re thinking of what the other two were doing while I was busy? I also brought a little bullet and that‘s what they played with. That day was so fun and something I’ll never forget. What naughty things teens do that parents don’t know.

Have you ever heard a sexy girl on girl story from your wife or girlfriend?

We should do an ageplay phone sex call so that I can take you down memory lane. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs and well as my SoundCloud my lovelies 💋