What’s not to like about (“bad”) babysitter sex stories?

I’ve heard some seriously filthy babysitter sex stories. Who knows, maybe I enjoy hearing them and role-playing so much because my actual babysitter growing up was so painfully straight-laced and unsexy. I was too busy being a teenage hussy and getting fucked up in high school to really get into babysitting as a gig, so maybe I’m just belatedly enjoying the fun I missed.

If I was your bad babysitter, I’d do something out of Princess Superstar’s handbook. My black boyfriend (and his giant cock) would be waiting in the shower the whole time you and your wife gave me the “goodbye, have the kid in bed by 9” spiel. I’ll nod and say “uh huh” like I’m listening, but guess what? Your kid is going to be early!

And I’m not finished having fun for the night after you and your (drunk) wife stumble back across the threshold. You’re going to drive me home, right? It’s hard for you to resist me cumming onto you the whole ride while I’m wearing my cheerleader outfit and sucking on a lollipop. I promise not to tell your wife if you don’t.

Accomplice phonesex pairs well with babysitter fantasies. Does your actual babysitter need a lesson in teenage girl entitlement? I’d be thrilled to help you take care of her “behavioral issues.” Nothing facilitates an attitude adjustment quite like being forced to gag on your employer’s cock while his sexy, twisted accomplice pushes your head down deeper.

Ready to role play our own babysitter sex stories or one that’s got you by the balls? Great. Let’s get our taboo phone sex role play on. You know what to do. Give me a call!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke