Lazy weekend sex usually isn’t my speed. I typically enjoy fast and furious (I’m looking at you, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) fucking. But I believe I’ve had a change of heart after a long weekend away with a new boyfriend.

Lazy weekend sex requires seven silk kimonos. But it’s only three days? Better bring more.

Aaron suggested a weekend away since we’d not had more than a night here and there together. At first, I felt incredibly excited to pack for a sexy weekend away. But then he caught me packing sex toys, thongs and nipple clamps, and some silky rope for tying one of us up!

He knows how kinky I am. We met at one of our friends’ sub/dom training parties! He squeezed me tightly and kissed my neck gently. (I wish I never showed him how much I love that! He uses it lit liberally and frequently. Too bad I always cave when I feel lips, or teeth, on my neck.) It felt easy melting into his arms, almost like lazy weekend sex had already begun. I asked about the plan for the long weekend.

So I’m hearing no one is getting tied to the bed then?

He drove us to a bed and breakfast a couple of hours away. It was a cozy cottage with lattice and ivy, pink pillows, and doilies under tea settings. Let me just say, it wasn’t exactly a scene from New York’s hottest new dance club. While not exactly my “scene,” it was a surprise introduction to some lazy weekend sex.

I like blueberry pie. He prefers peach.

I’m a sexy big ass slut and I don’t mind at all who knows it. But orange scones with butter and tea delivered right to bed really put me in the mood for some lazy weekend sex. Aaron grinned at me knowingly. I smirked right back because he knew all along what he was doing! First, he rolled me over onto my back. Then, he kissed my mouth, along my neck, down to my nipples. He nipped and sucked at my naked skin like I was one of the scones we’d just devoured. Then, he moved between my legs and tasted my pussy with his flattened tongue.

Aaron said my “peach” was the sweetest he’d ever tasted. And it took no time at all before my toes curled and body all but levitated off the plush bed.

Lazy weekend sex

As my spirit returned to my body, he planked his body on top of mine. We both watched as my thighs fell apart and his cock split me open. A kiss soothed my throaty moan as he pushed all of himself into me and settled down between my legs. Wrapping my shaky thighs around his hips, he drew the covers up over my exposed legs and squeezed my feet in his warm hands.

I tugged on his hair and whined for him to “fuck me faster.” But he nuzzled and hushed me quietly, explaining we had three whole days for lazy weekend sex. And it was some of the best sex ever.

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