The school girl tease isn’t just a porn set-up or flash fiction trope. I developed a more hands-on approach with one of my professors this last semester. And I became the worst (or maybe best) school girl tease to ever cross his threshold!

There’s a bit of school girl tease in all of us.

Every girl develops a “thing” for one of her teachers. First, we fantasize about it in class, watching the professor’s every move. Then, we discuss it within our girl group. We almost always back each other when it comes to crushing hard on a hot teacher. But it usually ends there with giggles and “what ifs” like:

What if you brushed up against him and you accidentally felt his pants?

Would you kiss him if he leaned into you a little too closely?

Are you interested in lazy weekend sex with this guy?

What if you were the last one in the room taking a test? That’s when he finally admits he has been thinking of fucking you over the desk all semester. Will you blush or let him take you?

Office hours after class are perfect for my school girl tease routine.

I took things a bit further than the group discussion, however. I put on a short pink skirt and tied a white button-down top just under my tits. His eyes lit up the second his perfect school girl tease dream (or nightmare) stepped into his office doorway. He stood immediately and reached out to shake my hand. And I couldn’t help but giggle a bit because his cock already strained against the front of his slacks.

The professor offered me a seat and I immediately dropped my pen. He gasped when I straightened my legs and bent forward. Then I backed my white panty-covered ass right into his throbbing erection. He groped at my hips to keep me still but I glanced over my shoulder and gave him my most innocent smile.

“Oops. Sorry about that. I’m so clumsy!”

As quickly as I’ve ever seen a man run, he moved to the side of his desk. Then he grabbed his water bottle and gulped some down. When he took a breath, I sat down and adjusted my top, putting my tits on full display like the school girl tease I am. He choked and knocked over his bottle, spilling it on the front of his pants.

“Oh no! You’re all wet!” I cried, untying my top to rub the wet spot on the front of his pants. He grasped my wrists in his big hands to keep me from stroking his cock through the fabric but I bit my lip and smiled up at him, catching his zipper.

“It’s fine,” he groaned, looking inside my top at my perky tits. By his next breath, this school girl tease became an absolute slut, sucking on his cock right there on my knees.

I begged, with my tongue out, for his cum on my tongue. By then, he couldn’t help but give in and stroke himself over my hungry mouth. I licked up every single drop like a thirsty kitten.

He fell back into his leather chair and asked what I came into the office for.

“That was all,” I answered cheerfully before shutting the door behind me. “See you in class tomorrow!”


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