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You’re so twisted

You don’t care that I will leave you in ruins. That’s not a concern anymore. I’ve practically made you my zombie. Short skirts, tight tops, and ever so gently gliding across your lap inflicting a rock-hard boner. The perfect naughty friend of your wife has some ulterior motives. I’m about to make you my sugar daddy without offering any sugar. I want to tease you, and I will do so, and the Sensual Erotic Manipulation I have to offer will have you spilling all your cash on me. That’s right, hand over your wallet and watch as I fuck you over.

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Hooked on me forever

My friend’s husband can’t get enough, and from then on, he tries to win me over to play with him secretly. Instead, I use the idiot to my likings. I’m about to score shopping sprees and everything my little heart desires. Endless Amex no limit fun is what makes me horny. I enjoy that you hide your secret and keep me happy by pleasing my expensive taste. Car shopping and even paying my tuition is the only way you can make this Latina Findom Princess even speak to you. You’re my slave and I’m the perfect mistress princess who hypnotizes you in the most erotic ways.

My personal pay pig

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I never let you cum, I tease and deny you till you pay me. After I torture you for a nice while and have you empty out your account then I might let you shoot only if you eat that jizz, of course.

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