Sensual Erotic Manipulation makes you so weak!

I love Sensual Erotic Manipulation because it makes you submit without even second-guessing. I know how to make you get lost in my world. Whenever I want to control you, I can. It’s a real gift. It’s best to play games with you and have you thinking that you can get lucky. Instead of a nice orgasm, I will hit your weak spot because it turns me on fully. My favorite thing is to have you willing and so desperate that you will have to give me control. As soon as you think you will have some naughty fun, I show you I’m in charge.

I’m in control

So how did I become so into sensual Erotic Manipulation? Well, I found my stepdad looking through my panties. At first, I freak out, but then I think about how hot it is to turn on an older man. My pussy gets so wet and excited. My satin panties become drenched. I’m in the mood to blackmail him. My mind goes straight to a black Amex card. At that moment, I know I can have a blast, and there’s no doubt I’m about to take that opportunity. Not only will it get me a shopping spree, but it will also have me horny as can be. I love to play with my pussy while I dominate a man.

Make you so weak

My control over you is so strong you are a weak man. Once you know, I know about the dirty deeds, I have you exactly where I want you. The look on my stepdad’s face when I confront him is priceless. My mom is away at work and the house is empty. The pathetic fucker begs me not to say a peep. I make no promises. This is my game. Sensual erotic manipulation is what I will use to get what I want. After I have my way with his head, I begin to take it up a notch. Now it’s time to make you think you have a chance to taste my sweet young pussy.

On second thought…

You will not get the privilege. Instead, I begin to laugh at your hard cock and tell you not to stroke, watch me play with my pussy while I collect that Amex card for my satisfaction. I begin to rub my pussy, and it’s soaking wet. I knew that I was so into sensual erotic manipulation, but I never knew it was this much of a turn-on for myself. Now I’m hooked on dominating. Now that I can make a man so weak that he will shell out his black card to keep me hush.

My stepdad begins to worship me and tell me how sweet and delicious my panties smell and how badly he would give anything to touch me. He tells me how much he wants to see me be a total school slut. He fantasizes about me with other boys. I laugh and take my card and tease him.

The best phone sex is the kind you can have with a perfect naughty princess like me.