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I know how much you jerk off to slutty babysitter fun porn. It’s clear you have one thing in mind, and that’s hot young sluts like me. When I took the gig as a babysitter, I knew trouble would brew. There’s something about an older man that intrigues me and makes me want to do bad things. I’m not innocent and never will claim to be, so I am all on deck for that adventure when I see that I’m in for some fun. I know the moment will arise, and the fun will begin soon enough.

I can’t deny my appetite.

When I crave, I indulge those naughty thoughts that roam my mind. My pussy gets so slippery and wet at the thought of seducing those I shouldn’t.

So when did I exactly start my Slutty Babysitter Fun? Well, it’s with the first clients, of course. The wife is a nurse and works late hours. The husband gets home quite earlier, and there’s a fraction of time that we spend alone together before I head out for the night. One night, in particular, I know the wife will be working a double shift, so I pack my second outfit and wait for the husband to get home.

Greet him at the door.

It’s time for fun, and I’m sure enough about to greet him with some slutty babysitter fun! I’m so ready to show him my sexy body and make him melt. I’m sure to catch his attention. Within seconds I can tell he’s had a few drinks, so I know he’s weaker than ever. It doesn’t take much to make him get on his knees and start to worship me. My pretty feet in his mouth make him crazy. I enjoy the desire in his eyes and want to see how far he will actually go.

There’s a way to stop him.

He’s in for the ride and won’t limit himself to the greatest pleasure. I begin to stroke him with my bare feet and giggle and tease him. He’s so hungry to explore me. I want him to submit and even show him that I’m the perfect Latina Findom Princess when I negotiate a raise and he sees I use my power to persuade him. He can’t say no to slutty babysitter fun. Once I get what I want, then I begin to grant his wishes. First and foremost, I let him kiss me from head to toe and let him worship every inch of my silky sweet skin. Next, I let him rub me and play with me till I climax. I can tell that makes it even more special to him.

My final reward is to let him jizz all over my pretty pink toes. I can’t believe how much cum he shoots all over my feet. It’s quite the experience, and it has me hooked.

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