Who knew an unknown number on my phone would turn into late night sexting?

I have been so busy with dating and squeezing in the last bit of summer, I’ve hardly taken any time to myself.  So, last weekend, I decided I needed some good old-fashioned me time.  I made appointments to get my nails done and have a massage.  And a bath and a bottle of wine were on my agenda for the night.  I was even going to put my phone on do not disturb so my hot horny neighbor couldn’t lure me over for a quickie.  But I changed my mind last minute.  Good thing! I had no idea late night sexting was going to be part of my self-care day.

I never know who is getting in touch with me

If I’m going to be honest, I have to admit that I delete numbers all the time.  Some guys I go on dates with, I don’t even put their name in my phone.  Maybe I just wanted to get fucked once and never talk again.  So, it’s no surprise that I get a lot of messages and am clueless as to who it is.  But usually people tell me who they are.  And it doesn’t turn into random late night sexting.

But tonight there would be some late night sexting

It was almost midnight.  I was just luxuriating in the bath.  Feeling the bubbles against my naked body.  Sipping my glass of wine.  Naturally, my other hand started to go down in between my legs.  And that’s when my phone went off.  Contemplating whether or not I should take my finger off my pussy, I went with the former.  And grabbed my phone.

Unknown Number:  Hey babe, I’m hard just thinking of you…

Of course, I was intrigued.  And turned on.  Is this a stranger texting the wrong person?  A blind date that ended as a one-night stand?  Naturally, I was going to respond.  I wiped the bubbles off my hand and texted back.

Me:  Tell me more about what you’re doing to that hard cock.

I was already wet but loved the idea of getting naughty with a potential stranger

He texted back right away, which came as no surprise.  Obviously, we both wanted the same thing.

Unknown Number:  I have it in my hand, stroking it, picturing your tongue licking the tip, teasing me.

Me:  Oh, yeah?  Tell me more.

Unknown Number:  Then you open your mouth nice and wide and take that cock all the way in. Balls deep.  Deep throating this hard dick.

Me:  Yes, choke me with that cock!

By this point, I’d gotten out of the tub and made my way to the bedroom.  My fingers were so deep in my pussy.  Who was I even having late night sexting with?  Honestly, I didn’t want to ask.

The late night sexting continued

When my notification went off again, I saw it was a picture.  My mouth dropped when I opened it.  There was a giant hard cock and a stranger’s hand curled right around the base.  It didn’t look like any cock I recognized.  At least not one I’d been with recently.  But I certainly wanted it!  I took a quick picture of my fingers inside my pussy and sent it.  Moments later, my phone buzzed again.  There was another picture of that hard cock covered in cum.  I guess my picture had done the job!

Unknown Number:  Do you want to know who this is?

Truthfully, I didn’t.  I liked the idea of a secret admirer.  And both of us mutually getting off and and engaging in some late night sexting.  I decided not to respond.  Instead, I opened up the picture of that hard cock again and put my hand in between my legs…

Want to have some naughty sexting?  Call me for some hot phone sex!