I have a large insertion fetish!

The sharpie challenge was absolutely perfect for my large insertion fetish! I saw a picture online of this “sharpie challenge.” The object of this challenge was to fit however many sharpies in your ass or pussy hole as possible. When I saw this, I went out and bought a sizeable amount of sharpie markers. I came home and immediately popped two sharpies into my pussy hole. I used them while I rubbed my clit and came all over them.

Then I popped another two in my pussy and started moving them in and out, making my pussy wet all around. I slid four more inside, eight total. Then, I took one of the markers out of my pussy and slid it into my asshole. I worked another two into my asshole, very slowly. This was a much more difficult to do. My tight little asshole approached it’s maximum with only three sharpies. I slid another two into my pussy.

Only a few more would fit. I worked three more carefully into my pussy. My taint was stretched so thin! My pussy hole could endure no more! I turned to my asshole and squeezed one more in. One more. I could fit just one more. Centimeter by centimeter, I worked the last marker into my ass. I felt so stretched out! Rubbing my clit, I reached between my legs with my phone and took a picture.

As I rubbed, I got closer and closer to cumming. I grew wetter and wetter and eventually had to hold the markers in place to prevent them from sliding out. Finally, I came all over the markers. Several of the sharpies popped out in the process due to my pussy squeezing so hard when I came. I pulled all of markers out in a messy wet bundle.

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