I certainly don’t mind a little bit of landlord sex to help me out of a pickle!

Sadly a lot of people have had landlord sex over the years due to desperation. Many that can’t afford their rent anymore will barter their body. For some, it’s all they have between them and the street. A few years ago, I myself was in such a situation. I was down to my last twenty dollars; there was no food in the fridge. I’d just lost my job and knew I’d be living in my car within the week unless a miracle happened. The landlord knocked on the door to ask why I was late with my rent again.

He saw I’d been crying, and I told him I was about to pack and leave. He asked where I’d go; I said my car. Then, he said he had an idea if I was willing. Obviously, I was desperate, willing to do anything. He said he’d always thought I was a pretty woman, and he felt bad for my situation. I could stay in my apartment rent-free until I found another job if I did, as he said.  Some landlord sex? Then, I said anything not to live in my car in an empty parking lot. I didn’t want anyone knocking on my windows and threatening me.

So, I asked him what would be required of me, but I had a feeling I already knew the answer was landlord sex.

I was right. He said I’d have to become his lover on demand. Then, he said he had a high libido, so I’d really be earning my keep in making him satisfied. He wasn’t a bad-looking man, older than anyone I’d willingly date, but beggars can’t be choosers after all. So I’d best take him up on his landlord sex offer. Lest the homeless be pressing their dirty faces on my car windows, watching me sleep. He came in and closed the door and said there’s no time like the present.

It looked like the first session of landlord sex was already upon me. He wasted no time, leading me by the hand to my bedroom and telling me to strip. I took my clothes off and got on the bed; he was practically drooling at the sight of my naked self. He quickly shunned his clothes and jumped in after me. I glanced at his cock before he got under the covers and was surprised by the size of it. He didn’t seem somehow to be a man that would have a large cock. True, I’d never imagined his penis before today, and my little offer I had to accept.

I felt his hand between my legs, fondling me.

I opened them without thinking, and whether I liked him or not, I allowed this. He told me to lay back and just enjoy it. I did my best since I knew there were no other options but landlord sex. I closed my eyes and thought of someone else as he touched my pussy. He did know how to touch; I will give him that. He dipped his fingertip into my pussy, gathering my wetness that was forming, and smeared it on my clit. I could feel myself becoming aroused as he went over my clit in tiny little circles.

Then, he went over it again and again, and I thought if he didn’t stop, I’d cum. He knew it, too. He could tell by my breathing I was getting close, and he sped up the speed of his caresses. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, but it was useless. He knew I’d cum to the landlord sex. He said he could feel my pussy contracting with my orgasm. I couldn’t deny it. Once he knew I’d cum, he got on top of me and slid in his larger-than-expected cock. I could feel it stretching me as he thrust inward. He pumped away, and I knew I was going to come again.

He suckled at my breast, flickering his tongue over my nipple.

I finally gave in and bucked my hips up towards him to meet his thrusts. “See, I knew you’d enjoy it,” he muttered under his breath at me. Sometimes one has to make the best of a bad situation. He and I were lovers nearly daily for the next three months until I found a job. He even paid for my groceries. So he was a decent guy, but he also knew how to take advantage of a woman when she’s down. He wasn’t a bad lover, though; I’ll give him that. Landlord sex doesn’t have to be the worst experience.

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