man looking out window

There is a big apartment building across the street from me, and I don’t know who lives there, but they are watching me. I haven’t really thought much about it until today. I was getting dressed with my window shades open. I never really think about where I am dressing or who can see me naked, but today I felt like I was being watched as I peeled out of my work out clothes. I looked out my window and thought I saw movement in one of the windows across the street. I moved closer, trying to see anyone. It was so dark. I decided if anyone was there I would give them a show. I pulled down my sweat pants slowly, staring ahead. I pulled off my tank top and then unfastened my bra. I slowly let my panties drop to the floor.
I was completely naked, knowing that someone was watching. I closed my eyes and started to dance slow and sexy. The thought of someone watching me made me feel intoxicated. I slid my hand down my flat stomach and over my thighs. I felt my clit with my fingers. I stared at the dark window wondering who the stranger was in the building watching me.
I was so turned on knowing I was being watched. I leaned against my window pushing my finger deep inside my pussy, begging out loud for the stranger to fuck me hard. I came on my hand, the cum dripped down my thigh.

I know he was watching and I hope he came too.


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