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My little sissy bitch always seems to be in heat and likes to pretend that pussy is the only thing he wants to eat but i’ve heard the way his voice hitches and the quickening of his strokes whenever i’ve told him alll about my big black lovers. He prods meekly to gain the details about their cock sizes and how much they cum inside my holes. I can practically hear the unspoken cues of a bitch who wants some chocolate cock of their own and the alarm was sounding off with this little bitch. So when Byron spoke up during our little call and commanded that the little slut lay on his back and watch his cock slide into my dripping cunt sissy boi was more then happy to obey the command.

Byron pounded away at my pussy holding tightly onto my hair making sure the bitch could see it all, watch his cock slide into my snatch and I made sure he knew that his itty bitty little clitty would never ever feel as good as a nice big dick like Byrons. The bitch watched and listened as his balls slapped against me and how he just pounded away, but byron decided when it was time to cum he pulled out and unloaded all over the sissy underneath.

My little bitch was surprised and I watched in glee as some of that thick creamy cum ended up on his lips, he licked it off! Without even thinking bitch boy licked it right the fuck off! The cum slut was hooked and started licking more and more off, I guided his mouth to Byrons cock and made him suck on it getting another big thick load out of my black lover.

Needless to say the cum sluts been hooked on BBC ever since. Every sissy wants a nice big black cock shoved into their mouth…I bet I can turn you into just as much of a cum eater too….


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