As a young child, my daddy made me his kidnapping accomplice.

I didn’t know that I was a kidnapping accomplice at the time; I was just trying to please my daddy! As daddy’s little princess, I did whatever he told me to. He liked to find girls at the park but had a hard time getting them into his van. He found that once I was old enough to understand how, I could reel in girls for him.  We had a method. I was to get them to think that I was cool, and then befriend them.

Then, I was to promise them something to get them to leave the park and the eyes of their parents. My daddy waited in the van while I did this. I would tell them something like I knew someone was selling puppies out of a van and that we should go pet them. Once led to the van, they often began to look around, noticing that there were no puppies in sight. By that time, we had already arrived at the van.

The girl was in close enough proximity to the van for him to snatch right up.

The first time that we did this I brought him this curly little-redheaded delight. I brought her to the van and she didn’t even suspect a thing! My daddy helped her in and then he had me grab her while he took off her clothes. Once she was stripped naked, I was to sit on top of her, in case she squirmed while my daddy was stuffing it in her.

I held her tiny little arms down and sat on her chest while she squealed and writhed as my daddy began working his hard rod into her. She squirmed so much, I had to hold her legs open for daddy. She cried for her mommy while my daddy started thrusting real hard. Once he filled her with his cream, we got her dressed, dumper her outside, and drove away!

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