This one, of many, family sex stories started off with my dad finding the panties that I left in the shower.

Family sex stories always make my tushy sting! One day, I snuck a boy into the house during lunch hour at school. I wouldn’t have gotten caught but I accidentally left my panties on the floor of the bathroom when I went to shower. They had boy cum in them. Daddy saw the cum soaked panties and got really mad at me. He sat me down and showed them to me. This was not going to be one of my more fun family sex stories.

Then, he asked why there was boy cum in them. I told him that I didn’t know and he grabbed me, threw me over his knee, and yanked down my shorts and panties. Then he hit me with his hand right over the triangle where my ass met my thighs. That whole triangle stung! He struck me hard and quick nineteen more times. Ten for lying to him, and another ten for having sex under his roof.

Then, he yelled at me not to move as he slid one finger into my tight little slit.

He asked me if I was going to fuck boys there anymore and I swore that I wouldn’t. Another finger slid into my pussy. I felt this deep pressure inside of me. Then he told me that he could feel how big of a slut I had been and started to spread my hole open with those two fingers. I felt him looking at my spread pussy and then he started to slide them in and out of me. He pulled them out and made me look at how wet they were. Then, he slid them back in and started moving them around in circles. He said he was stretching me out because I had been such a whore, and whores weren’t that tight. Then he smacked me on the pussy five times, hard, and left my room. It was a pretty embarrassing incest sex story. Read more of my blogs for detailed sex stories!

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