Most of my family sex stories are loads of fun!

Some of my family sex stories can be pretty embarrassing, though. When I was younger, I accidentally walked in on my mom and her boyfriend dry humping on the couch after coming home from a movie. I pretended like I didn’t see anything and immediately walked upstairs to my bedroom. I stuffed my hand in my panties and It was just as I had suspected. My panties were super wet!

Walking in on them had turned me on! I had to do something about it! It was going to drive me crazy! How could I sleep? I started to rub my clit and felt myself get instantly wetter. My pussy ached deep deep inside. I didn’t expect my mom to know that I was fantasizing about some incest sex stories! As I pressed my fingers inside, to my horror, my mom and her boyfriend walked in! They were laughing at me! My mom told him that she wanted to see him fuck me.

He grabbed me by the ankle and dragged my little 90-pound body to the edge of the bed. When my mom pulled off the remaining clothes, her boyfriend lined up his cock with my pussy hole. He started to shove really hard until I felt this deep stretching feeling. It was almost all the way in. As I began to squirm, my mom pinned my arms behind my back.

Finally, my mom’s boyfriend lifted my body by my hips and started pounding into me.

All I could do was wrap my legs around him. I braced myself as he pulled my body weight down on his cock over and over again! He told me that he was going to make me cum in front of my mom! It was so embarrassing, but it turned me on so much! At last, as I came, he turned my face and pressed it down so that I had to look my mother in the eyes when it happened. How many embarrassing incest sex stories can a girl have? If you like college girls, read some more of my blogs!

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