Kate’s Sweet Cream pie. My BBC just left, time for you to come over

You know how much Kate loves her BBC. Well, she loves her sweet white little fuck toy that comes over after play time even more;). Time to clean out that sweet cream pie. You’re just right for the job.

My pussy is stretched, he bent me over and fucked me hard. Giving me his cock until he drained his balls deep in my tight white wet pussy. Filling me up until he was dripping out of me. He got dressed and left in a hurry just like he was told.

Next up is you. Waiting by your phone. Waiting to bury your face in my pussy and clean out this big huge load. I know you loooooove a great big BBC cream pie. It’s your favorite and I saved every last drop just for you.

You let yourself in and you know I’m in my room waiting for you. I’m laying on my bed naked. My legs spread wide open. My pussy dripping with his cream and mine. You lick your lips. Greedy, needing a taste.

You don’t bother taking off your clothes because you know you’re here for one thing and one thing only. Clean up, my good boy. Very, very good boy. Begging for it. That’s right beg for a taste baby.

You climb up the bed between my legs. You trail your tongue up my inner thighs. Barely tasting us. Licking my lips softly up and down. You catch a drop coming out of my pussy. Moaning in pleasure.

Tasting your first drop of his cum.

You dive right in. I put my hand on the back of your head and bury you in my pussy. Your tongue diving into me scooping out the small drips you can reach. Now it’s time to turn over and let that cum out into your mouth.

I lay you on your back and straddle your face and I start to push that cum out. Slowly dripping out of me and into your mouth. This is your favorite part. Mine too;) Let’s finish this

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