The Jizzaholic

“Mmmmm, that’s so warm and sticky!” I moaned as a third load landed on my forehead.  Massaging my jizz covered breasts, massaging the drops of salty cream into my skin.  I looked around the room surrounded by big dick black men, six of them stripped, throbbing and ready to cum all over me the jizzaholic.  I love the feel, the smell and the taste of every thick, creamy load.  It feels so warm when it covers my face, tits, and on my wet tongue.  Once a month I go on a jizz fueled weekend.

Starting Friday night kneeling naked on the floor of my bedroom getting to drink and get covered in all the cum I wanted.  I fuck them too; my cunt was a 24/7 cream pie.  I started fingering my pussy and licking my lips, tasting the left overs of jizz dripping down my face.  Sliding three fingers inside wet slippery cunt, I could easily slid my fist inside with all the all-natural lube that was in there.  Removing my fingers I sucked each of them clean until all that was left was my spit.

“I need more boys!  I’m feeling thirsty, so come over here and blow your thick loads on my face and in my mouth.”

  I grabbed the closest dick I could get my hands on and put it in my mouth.  My tongue teased the mushroom head driving him crazy, before taking him deeper in my mouth, and down my throat.  I tasted the pre-cum and I couldn’t anymore I took him out of my mouth and started jerking him off waiting for that load.  “Give me that cum!”  Three more cocks in front of me erect and stiff taking turns filling and fucking my wet creamy and eager mouth.

  In no time at all one by one, each cock exploded covering me from all directions streams of cum raining down on me.  Aimed at my tits and my face, I love feeling the jizz cover my nipples and the guys knew it lifting my breast to my mouth, licking and sucking each nipple clean.  The weekend just keeps getting better and better, so cum find out just how good it gets!!

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