Jezebels in Space.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was handpicked to go into an “apocalyptic safe zone.” Ever heard of it? Most haven’t. It’s a place for the elite, the mega-rich, the untouchables. No, I’m not any of those things, but I have something they wanted, beauty. When our phones scan our faces for recognition, they send our facial structures to a database that determines who is perfect and who isn’t. They look for Facebook profiles for full-body images, scan medical records and google image search. The elite’s data mining teams find their perfect 10’s.  I was chosen amongst the 99 others for one specific well-known billionaire.  This is how I became one of the 100 jezebels in space.

His recent launch into space was just for show.

The truth is he had a station up there for years.  The other girls and I received a text alert to be taken to a safe zone where we would be taken care of.  Weary as ever, my mind was quickly changed when the limo came to scoop me up. We took off to a local little airport where I flew on a private jet to an undisclosed location. While indulging in caviar and champagne, I quickly drifted off to sleep. Waking several hours later, I was taken to a hotel in my sunny new location. I was escorted by two beautiful women who showed me my room. They weren’t to be jezebels in space, but gorgeous nonetheless.

They removed my clothing as soon as we got to my room.

Bathing me, soaking me in the best salts and oils, then washing my hair with the utmost care. They lathered me with expensive creams and lotions. Spritzing me with a new perfume I found most delectable. They dressed me in gold lingerie and wrapped me in a matching robe. They laid me down to rest. I woke at midnight, greeted by the billionaires “research team.” They removed my clothes and measured my breasts (nipples too,) my waist, and the length of my legs.  One of the men inserted a small dildo inside of me. I later found out it was a replica of this certain billionaire’s little rocket.  He needed his jezebels in space to have a mighty grip.

After being poked and prodded I finally got my beauty rest.

We woke at 6 AM to be taken to our shuttle.  The rest of the girls and I thought we were getting on an airplane. We had no idea we would be leaving our planet. We dressed up in our matching gold suits and closed our eyes while we counted down. I must have passed out, but when I awoke, I saw the man we were all here for. He took my hand while walking me to our new colony in space. Suited with a gym and a cafeteria that consisted mainly of rabbit food, I hoped for a room with a window at least.

He opened the door to my new room.

Laying me down,  I would be his first of the jezebels in space. He unzipped my suit and stared at me in awe. Gliding his hands down my body, soaking in the feeling of my soft skin. He placed his bald head between my breasts, ripping off my golden bra.  I watched him suck on my nipples as he removed my panties. I heard a loud grunt and a look of embarrassment. He covered his pants with his hands and…

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Jezebels In Space