Swallowed Daddy For The Very 1st TIME!!!

Daddy came in my mouth for the first time tonight and I swallowed it . His cum was kind of tangy and sweet. What I liked most about it is that it was so warm and TONS of it. I could tell he would be visiting my room tonight just from the way he was looking at me at dinner. Mom was drunk again. Still grieving over the last miscarriage. I feel sorry for daddy because mom never wants to have sex anymore. That’s why I want to help daddy during this hard time. Tonight he told me that he wanted to get ME pregnant. He told me that my pussy was perfect for him to slide into and give me his baby. I love daddy and I want to make him happy…that’s all.

I sucked him like the lollipop he got me on my first day of school 3 years ago. His cock slipped in and out of my lips so smoothly. I used my free hands to massage his balls as I worked my mouth back and forth on daddy’s cock. Daddy loved it and  he couldn’t help himself so he started face fucking me really hard. Tears came from my eyes because I gagged so hard on daddy’s hard cock. He told me to breath through my nose.

I swallowed daddy’s cock down my throat like the big girl that I am. I am proud of myself and I hope daddy is proud too. When he held the back of my head and fucked my tonsils I waited patiently to gulp his hot cum load. He finally released his sperm into mouth. Pumping every last drop into my little mouth. He apologized for not giving me the baby he promised that night. I wonder if tonight will be the night?”

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