I love to take a man’s huge cum shot and load. I don’t care where he puts it. Just as long as he squirts his cream my way! There’s is nothing I will not do to get what I want: It is my

Phone Sex Therapy

Soft Sensual Hands

I like oiling my hands up really good to ensure the ultimate pleasure time for you. Laying you down in bed, crouching down in between your legs as you’re watching the game or trying to get work down at the computer are the perfect times to show you just how much I need your cream load. When I play with the head of your cock with my oiled finger tips and gently massage your swollen cock with my thumb and index finger you will have to surrender to my vixen therapy. As I start to use my entire hand to oil and caress your dick you will thank goodness that you were the one that I chose to play with for one of my favorite pass times. The teasing alone is enough to drive you mad and I’m not stopping until I get what I want.

Thirsty Juicy Mouth

Wrapping my mouth around your cock and slowly sliding it all the way down to your balls is what really makes my pussy tingle. I know that as soon as you feel my tongue gliding up and down your rock hard dick that pretty soon you will give me the load that I want. Feeling my wet tongue glide up and down and all around your balls will make you quiver and moan. Let me deep throat your cock and gag like the naughty girl that I am. When you hold the back of my head and face fuck me hard and long I will only beg for more. I never stop until I get what I want.

Tight and Wet Pussy

Let’s say the first two methods STILL aren’t giving me the results I crave. Then, I will just have to pull down my wet panties and sit directly on to your cock. Letting your cock marinate in my sweet pussy will surely give me the results that I crave. Let me grind that dick and make it throb inside of me. When you place your hands on my plump little ass  I won’t resist as you lift me up and slam me down on to your cock over and over until you hear the sound of my pussy juice smacking between my ass cheeks. Let me milk you baby. I promise it will best you’ve ever had! I want all of you deep inside of me and I can’t stop until I get what I want.

I will beg you for your load because it’s my phone sex therapy, and the thing that will feed my addiction. It’s okay if you are my enabler. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Which one of these would you like me to use on you baby? Which one of my cum inducing pleasure spots will milk your dick and balls make you spew the cum that I so desire and crave on a daily basis? Let’s find out together…